15 Weather Preschool Trays!

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I planned out about 12 weeks of school during my winter break from work. I had this hole in early March that I kept open for a while. I thought an event or opportunity may open up that would dictate a theme. Nothing did so I said, how about weather? Would you believe then that our Weather Preschool Trays week was a week where nearly EVERY kind of weather occurred where we live!? What a coincidence. I guess it was meant to be!

Take a look back at Weather Tot Trays, or read ahead to see our perfectly varied set of 15 Weather Preschool Trays!

Lots of clouds, snow, and comparing types of weather are among our 15 Weather Preschool Trays! Get links to great free weather preschool printables and more.

  1. Cotton Ball Clouds
  2. Weather Card Game
  3. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Coloring
  4. Magic School Bus Books
  5. Packing Peanut & Toothpick “Clouds”
  6. Snowflake Magnifying
  7. Bear’s Clothes
  8. Weather Spinner
  9. Weather Readers
  10. Dress for Weather Worksheet
  11. Shaving Cream Clouds
  12. Straw Thermometer
  13. Types of Clouds
  14. Windy Scene Coloring
  15. Counting Gems 1-30

Cotton Ball Clouds

  • This one is pretty simple! All you need is blue construction paper, some cotton balls (these are old ones!) and a glue stick
  • We worked on “stretching” out the cotton balls to look like clouds – and glued them on the “sky”!

Weather Card Game

  • I love everything from Life over C’s, including this cool printable weather game she made for another favorite, Playdough to Plato!
  • I simply printed this as is in color, and trimmed down the cards. I put the cards in a bin for easy shuffling.
  • Finally, for game pieces, I went simple with wooden letter tiles!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Coloring

Magic School Bus Books

Packing Peanut & Toothpick “Clouds”

  • This may be a little random, but I decided to roll with it. Let’s make some modular clouds with biodegradable packing peanuts and toothpicks!

Snowflake Magnifying

Bear’s Clothes

  • I printed this cute weather bear from this link – thanks!

Weather Spinner

  • I looked all around for a weather spinner and this one was my favorite! Thank you for the great black & white resource!
  • All I added was a brad and pair of scissors. If he wanted to color things in there are markers and such everywhere.

Weather Readers

  • The Measured Mom’s printables and activities are amazingly good, and this set of four weather emergent readers is wonderful!
  • Cute pictures and familiar words make these little books find a home on our bookshelf after this week of school is complete!

Dress for Weather Worksheet

  • This is the Brrrr! Clothing Cause and Effect from Education.com!
  • We did not do the sheet quite as directed, instead drawing lines from the clothing items to the “window” they best matched.

Shaving Cream Clouds

  • We finally got to do this one! Thank you to One Little Project’s Shaving Cream Rain Clouds for inspiration!
  • We used a beaker, shaving cream and food coloring for a cool bathtime experiment!

Straw Thermometer

  • I love this simple but oh so effective thermometer reading practice from Kids Activities Blog!
  • I printed the free printable as is. Then on the tray I added a clear straw, red pipe cleaner, scissors, and the world’s smallest tape dispenser.
  • As directed, we taped the straw to the page, then the pipe cleaner became the mercury. Fun!!

Types of Clouds

  • What a resource! These amazing cloud cards from the Wise Nest are beautiful.
  • I had previously trimmed these, and laminated them so they could be folded OR opened up to reveal the photo of and name of each cloud type.

Windy Scene Coloring

Counting Gems 1-30

I swear, I had no idea that in a seven-day period we would have snow, rainbows, and a near 75 degree day. So I didn’t will it to happen and don’t blame me!

We had the cloud cards and such before but it is so much more in depth now. Won’t I just repeat that sentiment over and over! What a fun and interesting theme.

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Cool Books for Weather Preschool Trays

Look to the skies and learn with 15 Weather Preschool Trays!

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