15 Woodland Animals Preschool Trays!

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Back in the summer I had the honor of writing a feature post on Rainy Day Mum during her Storybook Summer series! I did activities around the book Scaredy Squirrel, and at the time, I thought I would do this theme right after this feature went live. I ended up waiting and I am glad I did, as this set of 15 Woodland Animals Preschool Trays had a nice fall slant to it!

We have great stuff here from the one and only 3 Dinosaurs plus more from super-generous Teachers pay Teachers sellers. Enjoy!

  1. Roll & Graph
  2. Line of Letters A-Z
  3. Number Match & Trace
  4. Woodland Animal Sensory Tray
  5. Upper/Lowercase Alphabet Match
  6. Sticker & Paper Craft
  7. Less, Greater or Equal
  8. Owl Tracing
  9. Woodland Animals Book
  10. Skunk Tracing
  11. In the Woods Sorting
  12. In the Woods Animal Bingo
  13. What comes Next?
  14. Wild Kratts Animals
  15. 3-Part Cards

Roll & Graph
Line of Letters A-Z
Number Match & Trace

  • I am mentioning these activities together as all three are from the Forest and Woodland Animal Math and Literacy Centers by Teachers Pay Teachers seller Abby Buettner. Thank you for the great resources!
  • For the roll and graph activity, I ended up taping the different animal pictures to a foam alphabet block. This was perfect – the best option we have had so far for this style of activity!
  • Next was an activity not necessarily intended for him (but it involved Scotch Tape, so he became involved). I cut the letters out from this pack in strips, then I wanted to tape them to the edges of his school shelf. Since we moved school upstairs we did not have an alphabet on the wall!
  • Finally, for the number activity, I first cut the 15 numbers out individually. Then I printed custom tracing pages so he could match the numbers 1-15 while tracing them.

Woodland Animal Sensory Tray

  • I love this long container for a sensory tray!
  • This woodland animal bin was very much inspired by this bin at Crozet Playschool – thank you for the ideas!
  • We used random animals from the North American Wildlife TOOB and a few animal figures that I believe were from the dollar store.
  • For the environment, I first stuck the two trees from the Playmobil Zoo on the bottom of the tray with masking tape. I thought about it for a while and ended up pouring the mix from the recent fall tray down as ground — it looked like ground covered in fall leaves! From there I added play sticks and cinnamon sticks, artificial leaves and flowers, and blue gems as water.

Upper/Lowercase Alphabet Match

  • This activity is from my own set of Scaredy Squirrel printables available only on Rainy Day Mum!
  • I chose to do the more difficult option, giving him blank “nuts”. Draw the correct uppercase letter to cover the lowercase one on the tree!

Sticker & Paper Craft

  • I have had these forest animal stickers for years!
  • I gave him the stickers, plus various small pieces of paper, scissors, glue, and plain paper to glue and stick to.
  • From here it is an open-ended opportunity to do a paper craft!

Less, Greater or Equal

  • This is using the math activity posted on Rainy Day Mum in a slightly different way.
  • I cut out the squares that had either a numeral or a number of nuts + trees
  • Then I drew a ‘carrot’ on one side of a wooden square, and an equals sign on the other side.
  • We used this to introduce “less, greater and equal” because he had never learned about it explicitly before!

Owl Tracing

Woodland Animals Book

Skunk Tracing

  • It’s a cute skunk – trace it! (See more about skunks below)

In the Woods Sorting

  • This is another activity from my own set of Scaredy Squirrel inspired learning activities exclusively available on Rainy Day Mum!
  • Print the sorting sheet in black and white, and the strips of items to sort in color
  • Trim each item and sort by whether they are found “in the woods” or “not in the woods”! Glue if desired.

In the Woods Animal Bingo

  • The Helpful Garden Montessori has some of the most amazing free downloads, and here is the set of adorable In the Woods Animal Bingo Cards from Helpful Garden Montessori!
  • I think this is the first activity I saved with the Woodland Animals theme in mind…
  • There are several game boards but I printed four. As they all share the same 8 animals on each, I trimmed them out of one, and folded in quarters to select for playing.
  • Finally, some unfinished checkers made great game pieces!

What comes Next?

  • One of my favorite parts of 3 Dinosaurs‘ packs is the “What Comes Next” page! So cute!

Wild Kratts Animals

  • Somewhat randomly… this is my most popular pin! It is from PBS and shows the animals in the North American Forest.

3-Part Cards

  • These cute 3-part cards are from the free Woodland Pack by 3 Dinosaurs!
  • This was cool because E got to learn about different colored squirrels. Have I ever seen a red one?

Is a skunk a woodland animal? This is an important question. I am saying yes, for our purposes. E is on a skunk kick right now, to the point that he is going to be one for Halloween! Plus he wants a week of skunk school. I said that’s what this is 🙂

Last year E was Chris Kratt with Owl power, which is a very literal way of saying the boy likes animals! I’m glad that we can use animals in school to facilitate learning.

Our fall-infused weeks continue with Apple Preschool next. Though we duplicate a few activities, those of you with younger learners would enjoy my set of Apple Tot Trays!

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Cool Books for Woodland Animals Preschool

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