16 Apple Preschool Trays!

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It’s been fun/nice to have several of the themes lately pre-determined for me. And following last year’s apple tot trays, it’s appealing to have a fall-tinged theme free of leaves and pumpkins. There are free printables and ideas galore here, so please enjoy our 16 Apple Preschool Trays!

Word building, math, a sensory bin and more among our 16 Apple Preschool Trays!

  1. Apple 3-Part Cards
  2. Numbers 1-20
  3. 2-D or 3-D? LEGO Apple
  4. Apple Dolch Sight Words
  5. Word Building Apple Tree
  6. Apple Tree Coloring
  7. Ten Apples Up on Top w/ Clay & Beads
  8. Craft Apple Math
  9. Apple Sticky Note Open-Ended Drawing
  10. 1-10 Puzzle & Number Page
  11. Story Comprehension
  12. Oat, Cinnamon & Apple Sort Sensory Bin
  13. Unifix Apple Tree
  14. Apple Prewriting
  15. Color Sticker Match
  16. Apple Tree Book

Apple 3-Part Cards

  • Is there anything better than 3-part cards? This adorable set of four apple harvest theme cards is from the Free Apples Pack from 3 Dinosaurs – thank you!

Numbers 1-20

  • These cute numbers from the Apple Theme Related Activities set on Teachers Pay Teachers is a GREAT way to work on those tricky numbers in the teens!
  • I printed the PDF at quarter size so we had numbers 1-20 that could be laid out in a line on the floor!

2-D or 3-D? LEGO Apple

  • The intent here may be obvious by the title! I wanted to give him a bunch of loose LEGOs (mostly red). What kind of apple would he build?
  • This idea is inspired by Lego Apples from Little Bins for Little Hands — thanks!

Apple Dolch Sight Words

  • We are continuing our exploration of Dolch pre-primer sight words appropriate for apple preschool trays: little, funny, and it!

Word Building Apple Tree

  • We are always looking for fun, interactive and colorful printables, and this CVC Word Building Apple Tree from Life Over C’s was just what we were looking for this week!
  • I printed the big tree and all the letters in color, then trimmed down the apples to roughly apple shaped.
  • Then, I printed all the three-letter words to write in black and white and trimmed those down, too.
  • Put it together with the tree on a big tray, all the letters spread out on a smaller tray, and the words in a little container!

Apple Tree Coloring

Ten Apples Up on Top w/ Clay & Beads

  • We did a similar activity to last year to go with the wonderful book 10 Apples Up on Top!
  • We again used this helpful printable. The animals were still taped to wooden sticks.
  • This year, though, I gave him a bit of air dry clay so he could poke the sticks in himself. I also hoped he may experiment and ‘draw’ a bit!
  • Then, there are 30 red beads so he could go ahead and put them up on top of each animal!

Craft Apple Math

  • The red artificial apples we but last year for apple school has been so fun – so this year I picked up a set of green craft apples!
  • We turned this into a math activity with a big basket of apples, a small container, and simple addition problems previously written on cardstock squares.

Apple Sticky Note Open-Ended Drawing

  • I liked the simplicity of a drawing activity with an apple-shaped sticky note pad I got for probably ten cents during back to school clearance!
  • I simply gave him some black crayons and a pencil to see what he would draw!

1-10 Puzzle & Number Page

  • Another goodie from last year’s apple school and the apples pack from 3 Dinosaurs!
  • Last year we cut the puzzle into strips, with the numbers still attached. So this year, I cut the numbers off, and gave him the puzzle pieces and numbers with paper and glue.
  • As it is a relatively new concept I laid out a couple pieces for him. 🙂

Story Comprehension

  • I was quite lucky to be able to download this Kindergarten Reading Comprehension – Fall Edition set for free – but it is so worth the money. It’s rewarding to read the page to him now and have him answer, and soon he will be able to read it all himself!

Oat, Cinnamon & Apple Sort Sensory Bin

  • Similar to last year’s sensory bin (and what we put together for the family Easter gaterhing this year!), the base is oats, plus some cinnamon sticks!
  • This year though I added the apples from the Apple Activities Pack from 3 Dinosaurs. We had already cut these out last year.
  • I gave him these apples with three dollar store containers to sort them into by color!

Unifix Apple Tree

Apple Prewriting

  • This is also from the 3 Dinosaurs pack – thank you!
  • Trace the line from the kid to the apple!

Color Sticker Match

  • Why not do the same activity again? I used Sharpies to draw red, green and yellow dots on a piece of paper.
  • Then I gave him smelly apple stickers in the same color. A simple fine motor and color matching activity to put the stickers on top of the same color circle!

Apple Tree Book

  • This is such an adorable printable My Apple Counting Book from Gift of Curiosity – thank you!
  • I printed it as is and gave him a simple red crayon so he could draw apples on each ’empty’ tree!

Some other great resources that I did not use this time:

The boys of course headed to a nearby apple farm and made fresh apple sauce, neither which are unusual activities, but musts for apple school 🙂

Every time I do this I say “it’s fun to watch him do these activities again.” And yes, that repetitive statement is still true. But it is surely also “fun” to have a week of school nearly half ready before I even print anything!

We only have two fall themes left and they naturally are the holidays – Halloween and Thanksgiving. See you again soon!

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Cool Books for Apple Preschool Trays

Healthy fall fun with apple preschool trays!

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