16 Baseball Preschool Trays!

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Play ball!! We are a hockey and baseball household, so this is a wonderful time of year. NHL playoffs and spring MLB! Lots of fun. We did a set of general sports tot trays before, and a hockey theme (with my free hockey tot pack!) more recently, but now it is time for a set of 16 Baseball Preschool Trays!

  1. Baseball Cutting, Punching & Lacing
  2. Ball & Mitt Color Gradient Matching
  3. Baseball Playing Cards Sort by Suit
  4. Word & Object Matching
  5. Where’s My Seat?
  6. Mascot DIY Coloring Book
  7. Baseball Dough Tray
  8. Bb Pattern Block Sheet
  9. Baseball Addition with Easy DIY Counters
  10. Circle Cutting Practice
  11. Logo & Letter Match (logos are property of Major League Baseball!)
  12. Cornmeal & Lentil Baseball Field Sensory Tray
  13. Baseball Maze
  14. Baseball Item Cut & Match
  15. Baseball Name Letters
  16. Baseball Hunt & Write

Baseball Cutting, Punching & Lacing

  • This Baseball Lacing Activity provided the inspiration for this activity — thank you!
  • I printed out the baseball clip art from Menta Más Chocolate (thanks!) in two sizes on a regular piece of paper
  • To complete this fine motor activity, I gave him scissors for cutting, a hole punch for punching, and red ribbon for lacing!

Ball & Mitt Color Gradient Matching

  • The Baseballs and Mitts Clip art pack (thank you!) totally inspired this project!
  • I used all of the colored mitts as is.
  • Then, I filled the white baseball with color in two gradients, so each mitt had two balls that went with it.
  • This is a cute and challenging activity!

Baseball Playing Cards Sort by Suit

  • We used our favorite sorting tray from Lakeshore Learning sorting math tray, but with a new set of items to sort!
  • We conveniently had a set of round baseball playing cards. So we gave him this, plus index cards where I drew each suit.
  • Simply put an index card in each spot of the sorting tray and help the kid get started with sorting them!

Word & Object Matching

  • This cute matching worksheet is from the Ballpark FREEBIE on Teachers Pay Teachers – thanks! Ready to print and use!

Where’s My Seat?

  • This is an attempt at an activity where you would help the baseball fans find their seats!
  • First, I needed a stadium, so I used this stadium seating diagram found via Bing image search
  • Then, I used some adorable little wooden people from craftparts.com as the fans! I labeled each with their “seat”.
  • Gave him the seating diagram and people to see what he’d figure out!

Mascot DIY Coloring Book

  • Do you know how hard it is to find good quality coloring pages of MLB mascots? Thank you for the great selection of Paw Sox Coloring Pages!
  • I printed eight different mascots at quarter size and made a cover so we could “DIY” a coloring book later!

Baseball Dough Tray

Bb Pattern Block Sheet

Baseball Addition with Easy DIY Counters

  • E is loving math a lot latel so here is a good activity for that which could be customized to any theme!
  • First, I used some old printouts of tiny baseballs and gloves. I cut them out nice and small with a 1/2″ hole punch.
  • I attached these to the back of buttons with –.
  • Then, I again used the baseball from the clipart above and put simple addition problems (inspired by Baseball Addition on them before printing in black and white. (After that I laminated and cut them with a 3″ circle lunch.)
  • So he got the “counters” split in a small tray, plus the pile of math problems!

Circle Cutting Practice

  • This set of numbers (1-12) on baseballs is from the Time to Batter Up! Math Center on Teachers Pay Teachers – thank you!
  • I just printed these out in color and gave him some scissors!

Logo & Letter Match (logos are property of Major League Baseball!)

  • This is an activity I did last year (Letters & MLB Logos Match) – and these logos are still very much property of Major League Baseball!

Cornmeal & Lentil Baseball Field Sensory Tray

  • I wanted to do some sort of baseball-themed sensory tray, so here it is.
  • The “sand” is cornmeal and the “grass” is green lentils. I made a home plate out of a thick foam sheet, and gave him four baseball erasers (as I hadn’t found another use for them during this week of school).
  • Other supplies included our standard Tidy Tray, a small sifter, and a paint brush (to brush off home plate like an umpire!) I put the cornmeal inside a souvenir helmet, and the lentils in an OXO beaker.

Baseball Maze

  • This cute Baseball Maze was free from Education.com! Simply printed in color and gave it to him.

Baseball Item Cut & Match

  • These printouts are from the Baseball Puzzle Unit from In All You Do — thank you!
  • For even more cutting practice, I gave him these printed in color to cut and match.

Baseball Name Letters

  • A simple way to work on the letters of his name! I used the same clipart from the punching activity to print six more baseballs on cardstock. I punched these out with my handy 3″ hole punch.
  • Then I just put the letters of his name on the balls so he could put them in order. Cute and easy!

Baseball Hunt & Write

  • What a cute activity! This is the Baseball Word Hunt from the Ballpark FREEBIE on Teachers Pay Teachers. Thank you!
  • We did not do the “hunt” part, but I gave him all the pictures with words underneath in color (I trimmed them first) plus the sheet to write on in black and white.

This was an especially fun week of school for me! These baseball preschool trays were intriguing to him and he learned a lot! We went to a live baseball game and watched a few more on TV. I enjoyed trying to teach him how the game works on his terms! He still can’t understand why there are sometimes long delays while fans are booing. How do you explain replay and reviews to a kid? Haha!

I really liked the DIY math counters we made with buttons. I could see us doing a lot more of little things like that. Good way to use color printing to go a long way while customizing something for that particular week!

So up next, I had previously planned a different week of school. I know we had recently watched an episode of Iron Chef (the regular, Japanese, dubbed version; the only version I acknowledge). So when I asked E, “What do you want your next school to be about?” He promptly said, “Onions.” I like a challenge!! See you next week!

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Cool Baseball Preschool Books

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