16 Earth Day Preschool Trays!

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Life has surely gotten in the way the past few weeks, but here (finally!) is a recap of our 16 Earth Day Preschool Trays! We reused several items and content from last year’s Earth Day Tot School but there are some new ideas here, too. The starred* items below are from the Earth Day Pack for Toddlers & PreK from Totschooling! THANK YOU!

  1. DIY Earth Day Sensory Bin
  2. Geoboard
  3. Almond Meal Mini Bin
  4. Life on Earth Game
  5. How Many Trees? Worksheet
  6. Earth Day Prewriting*
  7. Which One is Different?*
  8. Earth Hole Punching*
  9. How Many?*
  10. Recycling Cut + Paste*
  11. Earth Day Dough Tray
  12. -at Word Families Worksheet
  13. Recycling Puzzle
  14. Earth Coloring Page
  15. Sorting Trash Worksheet
  16. Galaxy to Me Photos

DIY Earth Day Sensory Bin

Preschool DIY Environment Earth Day Sensory Bin

  • For this easy DIY sensory bin, we filled 12 little cups with various indoor sensory items related to environment like leaves, feathers, flowers, beans for dirt, bug and animal figures, and two sizes of rocks. I look forward to seeing what he puts together!


Almond Meal Mini Bin

  • Cleaning out our pantry, we came across half a bag of almond meal. So we put together the simple idea of pairing that with tools for an “Earth digging” bin.

Life on Earth Game

How Many Trees? Worksheet

  • This is the How Many Trees worksheet from Education.com – thank you!
  • Printed as is in color for a simple, visual math activity!

Earth Day Prewriting*

  • Two pages to trace – the Earth (circles) and recycling symbols (triangles)!

Which One is Different?*

  • E’s favorite worksheets always seem to be Which One is Different!

Earth Hole Punching*

  • An all time favorite activity! I printed this in color and gave E a standard hole punch to punch the dots.

How Many?*

  • Count how many of each item there are on each row.

Recycling Cut + Paste*

  • If I had to pick a favorite from Totschooling’s set, it is this!
  • Bright blue recycling bins are ready to be filled with the right number of bottles – cut and glue them into place!

Earth Day Dough Tray

-at Word Families Worksheet

Recycling Puzzle

  • This is printed in color from Earth Day Number Puzzles on Teachers Notebook – thank you!
  • I trimmed this down for him and put the pieces in a tray for him to put together.

Earth Coloring Page

  • Later in the week I also gave him a sheet with six blank Earths on it. He really seems to like that kind of page for coloring!

Sorting Trash Worksheet

  • This is the cute Sorting Trash Worksheet from All Students Can Shine, printed in black and white!
  • Gave him scissors and a glue stick to complete the page.

Galaxy to Butterfly Photos

  • This activity was inspired by the Looking Down book from Montessori Services!
  • This wasn’t exactly easy to photograph, but I hope you get an idea of what I was thinking here. I wanted to make an activity where E would put in order items from himself to outer space. (And actually, the most “zoomed in” item was a butterfly, as the picture I used before that was E holding a butterfly.)
  • From there, I worked backwards. I had a picture of our front door, then our house. I used a map website to find and print our area in various zoom levels, from our streets, to city, state and region.
  • Then, I moved to a standard web search and found images of the U.S., North America, Earth, then the solar system and galaxy.
  • If you didn’t notice already, the point is to order the photos from “smallest” to “biggest” in a very broad sense!

Thank you again to Totschooling.net for the awesome (free!) Earth Day pack!

This happened last year, too. Something about April just makes plans get thrown out the window! I’m glad we have been able to keep school going each week, and these Earth Day Preschool Trays proved to be another fun set.

We had two cut and paste activities this week and he has seemed to really like those. And he just LOVES math – we have to keep finding new ways to utilize it!

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Cool Earth Day Preschool Books

Earth Day Preschool Theme Ideas!

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  1. So many awesome ideas! Thank you so much for stopping by the Learn & Play Link Up! This post is featured on Christian Montessori Network this week.

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