16 Halloween Preschool Trays!

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As I write this a few weeks post-Halloween, well, what a season this was! Our town had trick-or-treat events ALL month, giving E many opportunities to show off his homemade SKUNK costume. (Homemade? more like home-glued. But still! It was cute and it held up, that’s all I wanted!) “The skunk” stood out among the superheroes and Star Wars characters, and honestly, it was cute to see E seem to like that.

Anyway, we of course centered school around this fun holiday! We reuse a few materials and ideas from our Halloween Tot Trays but we had many great new things, too! 16 total — enjoy our 16 Halloween Preschool Trays!

16 ways to learn with our Halloween Preschool Theme!

  1. Halloween Zen Garden Sensory Bin
  2. Halloween Bead Stringing
  3. Tongs & Tiny Things
  4. Halloween Sight Words
  5. Jack-O-Emotions
  6. My Pumpkin Measuring
  7. Halloween Pattern Page
  8. Halloween Reading Comprehension
  9. ABC Order
  10. Who Do You See? Costume Book
  11. Spider Web Rubbing
  12. Color Ghosts!
  13. Jack-O-Lantern Magnetic Drawing
  14. Frankenstein’s Monster
  15. Rearranging Letters
  16. Halloween Cookie Math Game

Halloween Zen Garden Sensory Bin

  • I LOVE zen gardens (always have!) and finally made one out of this long tray I have always found worthy of this purpose. So glad we found the perfect zen garden rake too, see all the details of our Easy Halloween Zen Garden!

Halloween Bead Stringing

Tongs & Tiny Things

Halloween Sight Words

  • Our season of sight words continues with RUN, CAN, and BIG! I put these words with some simple bat clipart.


My Pumpkin Measuring

Halloween Pattern Page

  • I downloaded this cute pattern page from these great Halloween Preschool Week ideas from Mine for the Making — thank you!

Halloween Reading Comprehension

ABC Order

Who Do You See? Costume Book

  • Oh how cute is this — the free Halloween Emergent Reader was created by Once Upon a Classroom and found on Teacher’s Notebook!
  • We read the color version of this reader, then created his own page showing his Skunk costume!

Spider Web Rubbing

  • Though I played with glue SO MUCH as a kid I never thought to make your own rubbing plate until I saw name rubbings on Pre-K Pages — thanks for the inspiration!
  • I used the concept to make a spider web, drawn with glue on a piece of scrap cardboard.
  • Then, all he needed was thin paper and crayons!

Color Ghosts!

  • I used the page of friendly blank ghosts from the Who Am I? Halloween Activities set by Carla Hoff on Teachers Pay Teachers — thank you! (I look forward to using more of this pack next year!)
  • I kept this simple with Twistables and I looked forward to seeing what he’d make!

Jack-O-Lantern Magnetic Drawing

Frankenstein’s Monster

Rearrange Letters

Halloween Cookie Math Game

  • This super cute cookie-looking math game was from the Falling for Math Games printable that can be found on Teachers Pay Teachers!
  • For pieces, we simply put letter stickers on foam counter blocks, and we used a foam die (both sets from the dollar store)!

For more awesome Halloween printables and activities, be sure to check out Kids Activities Blog and Over the Big Moon! It’s a good place to share some other Fall and Halloween ideas of our own:

Up next we learn about an animal often associated with Halloween as well: Cats!

Cool Books for Halloween Preschool Trays

16 easy ideas for learning this spooky season. Check out our 16 Halloween Preschool Trays!

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