16 Mickey Mouse Preschool Trays!

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Here we go with another one of those weeks we were sure he’d like. (Yet – like Curious George school – we were concerned about whether he’d recognize that this fun subject is his theme for the week!) But yes, Mickey Mouse preschool was quite a fun theme for a week of homeschool. 🙂

I first have to thank Carisa from 1+1+1=1 for the wonderful Mickey Mouse Printable Pack! Activities used are noted by stars* below.

Please enjoy 16 trays and activities centered around the one and only Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Trays

  1. Mickey Stamping
  2. Make Mickey w/ Silhouette Cameo
  3. Colorful Mickeys*
  4. Minnie Mouse Maze
  5. Cutting Practice – Strips*
  6. Disney Dry Erase Board
  7. “M” Mickey to Minnie Maze*
  8. Tracing Shapes*
  9. Mickey Dough Tray
  10. Name Tracing*
  11. Mickey Mouse Math
  12. Hidden Objects
  13. Letter Tracing*
  14. Lots of Coloring Pages
  15. Cutting Practice – “Stickers”
  16. Mickey & Friends Dice Graphing

Mickey Stamping

  • Started with a holiday-themed Mickey & Minnie stamp set I got over the holidays
  • Made a simple page in Publisher with squares and rectangles that match the stamp sizes
  • Gave him these with the included stamp pad!

Make Mickey w/ Silhouette Cameo

  • First, on the Silhouette Cameo, made circles in two sizes (large circle for head, two small for ears)
  • Cut a bunch of these from black cardstock
  • Then, just gave him some red cardstock rectangles and a glue stick — to see if he would make these as his Valentines! 🙂

Colorful Mickeys*

  • This is from the pack — thank you!
  • I printed this out in color (so he could see the color names) and gave it to him with his favorite colored pencils.

Minnie Mouse Maze

Cutting Practice – Strips*

  • From the preschool pack — printed in color and gave to him with scissors!

Disney Dry Erase Board

“M” Mickey to Minnie Maze

  • A very cute activity from the 1+1+1=1 pack. Can you connect the M’s from Mickey to Minnie?

Tracing Shapes*

  • Practice tracing shapes with this activity from the Mickey pack!

Mickey Dough Tray

Name Tracing*

  • Another great activity from the pack — trace the names of your good friends Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy!

Mickey Mouse Math

  • Love this idea! This is printed from the Mickey Mouse Math post by Colors and Kindergarten — thank you so much!
  • I gave this to him with Mickey-colored Unifix Cubes, plus a dry erase marker.
  • Dad was to help him with this activity as needed.

Hidden Objects

  • This worksheet was printed from Disney Junior — lots of great stuff there!

Letter Tracing*

  • This activity is from the Mickey pack – thank you!

Lots of Coloring Pages

  • Is there any character with more coloring pages dedicated to him than Mickey? There is an awesome collection used to be an awesome collection of of Disney coloring pages from Disney-Stationary.com! That is where the pages here were originally from.
  • Gave him a whole bunch of these printed along with a full set of colored pencils.

Cutting Practice – “Stickers”

  • These newly-styled Mickey stickers are from Disney Family
  • I call them “stickers” because I did not print them on sticker paper — I just gave them to him to practice cutting some tough shapes.

Mickey & Friends Dice Graphing*

  • The final selection from the tot pack — Mickey graphing!
  • Printed both the graph sheet and die in color. Trimmed and folded the die for a fun game!

We recently took a Disney trip and there is sure nothing like taking a tot to the Happiest Place on Earth! He’s at a lovely age where the rides don’t matter; we could do tons of fun things even on a busy (VERY busy) day!

We knew we wanted to at least try to translate this fun to school, and it worked! Now that we are “Pre-K” and to me, that means a lot of preschool worksheets — I was nervous copyright would get in the way. So I am extremely grateful for the 1+1+1=1‘s Mickey Mouse Preschool Printable Pack! Thank you!

Bottom line, this was a fun week. It is nice to pepper in these themes every once in a while!

Next we’ll see if he remembers that time I asked, “Hey E, what would you want your school to be about?” The answer – Robots!

I’m proud to be linking this post up to 1+1+1=1’s Tot School Gathering Place with activities that E enjoyed at 42 months old! Also linked up over at the Mommy Solutions, Learning Kid Link-Up, Mommy Monday Blog Hop, Inspire Me Mondays, Motivational Monday, Tuesday Talk, Mom’s Library, Wonderful Wednesday Linky Party, Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop, Preschool and Kindergarten Community Linkup, A Little Bird Told Me Link Party, and TGI Saturdays!

Cool Mickey Mouse Preschool Books

Mickey Mouse theme preschool!

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