16 Pond Animals Preschool Trays!

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Since day one of this blog, I knew there were certain things I couldn’t spent a whole lot of time on. Exhibit A: Photos. While I don’t want BAD photos, I just can’t take the time to do much better than I do now. Generally I am taking them in the morning before I catch the bus to work. But, in an attempt to make things a little more user-friendly, I am going to try to take pictures on this (old) wooden table we have. So there is my little disclaimer regarding my change of scenery.

In our recent animal theme I referenced that we would be doing a “series” of sorts of different kinds of creatures, and our first is a set of Pond Animals! So please enjoy our 16 Pond Animals Preschool Trays!

Starred* items below are courtesy of the cute Pond Preschool Pack by Homeschool Creations — thank you! I likely wouldn’t have thought to do this theme without seeing that pack available on Pinterest! 🙂

16 Pond Animals Preschool Trays!

  1. Pond Animals Sensory Bin
  2. Pond Sticker Scene
  3. LeapFrog Dry Erase Book
  4. Pond 3-Part Cards*
  5. Pond Coloring Page
  6. Lilypad Math
  7. Paper Bag Puppet
  8. Frog Life Cycle
  9. Pond Animal Word Puzzles
  10. Plip-Plop Pond! Book
  11. Dragonfly & Turtle Play Dough Tray
  12. Turtle Stacking*
  13. Pond Animal Word Tracing*
  14. Turtle Cutting Practice*
  15. Pond and Duck Tracing*
  16. Pond Story*

Pond Animals Sensory Bin

  • Decided to go big with this week’s sensory bin!
  • I filled one corner with sand, and the rest of the bin with rocks
  • A medium sized Rubbermaid container served as the “pond”
  • Added some artificial leaves, flowers, and moss
  • For animals, I put in some little bugs, plus some bath tub squirters!

Pond Sticker Scene

  • I printed out a real “pond” image in color on a big piece of paper. I had no idea what to do with it…
  • Looking through stickers I found a sheet of bears fishing along with dragonflies and other creatures
  • Put the stickers on the pond scene!

LeapFrog Dry Erase Book

  • This was from the dollar area of Target, I believe. A cute LeapFrog book is perfect for this week.

Pond 3-Part Cards*

  • We always love 3-part cards! These are from Homeschool Creations’ pond pack.
  • Printed these in color, trimmed and put them in a takeout container. I gave him a few at a time!

Pond Coloring Page

Lilypad Math

  • This is a math worksheet from Education.com – cute!
  • I decided to turn any subtraction problems into addition with a Sharpie. I had never given him a sheet of this many math problems before!

Paper Bag Puppet

  • Love this! This frog puppet is from Squish Preschool Ideas – thanks!
  • I printed the page as is on a nice shade of green paper
  • I gave him that sheet, a white paper bag, plus scissors and glue to make a coooool puppet!

Frog Life Cycle

  • This is the froggie fold-up book from Life Over Cs — thank you!
  • I printed the page as is for a tracing, cutting and ordering activity.

Pond Animal Word Puzzles

Plip-Plop Pond! Book

  • This is a The Indestructibles: Plip-Plop Pond! book — from the super-cool books for babies (especially) that can hold up to the elements!
  • This book is normally near the bathtub but it was a cute thing to have this week.

Dragonfly & Turtle Play Dough Tray

Turtle Stacking*

  • Such a cute activity from the Materials from the pond pack!
  • The turtles were printed in color (see below) but the stacking page and numbers sheet are black and white
  • Gave him the pre-cut frogs, scissors, glue, simple homemade die (only has numbers 1, 1, 2, 2, 3 and 4).
  • Roll! “Stack” and if you want, cut and glue the numbers! We left this a bit open-ended for him.

Pond Animal Word Tracing*

  • This great sheet of words from the Homeschool Creations pack was worth printing in color and fun for E to trace!

Turtle Cutting Practice*

  • Pardon me for going out of order here! I gave him the sheet of turtles used in the stacking activity above as its own activity earlier in the week.

Pond and Duck Tracing*

  • E has been so into letters lately, so these P (Pond) and D (Duck) sheets from the preschool pond pack fit the… bill (haha)

Pond Story*

  • My favorite things about Homeschool Creations‘ printables are these cute story pages!! We printed both sheets as is.

It was good to do a more specific theme centered around animals. Looking forward to doing some more this summer!

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Cool Pond Animals Preschool Books

Pond Animal Preschool Theme!

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