16 St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Trays

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We learned with our Valentine theme this year that he is not all that interested in that theme of school once the holiday passes! So this time, we were sure that our St. Patrick’s Day preschool trays would end on March 17th. 🙂

We enjoyed using activities from the St. Patrick’s Day Pre-K Pack from Over the Big Moon. Thank you for sharing! Items from that pack that were used are marked with a star* below.

So now, please enjoy our 16 St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Trays!

(Want ideas for younger kids? Check out our St. Patrick’s Day Tot Trays & Sensory Bin!)

16 St. Patrick's Day preschool trays!

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin
  2. Gold Coin Alphabet Match
  3. How Many?*
  4. Turn Letters into Gold*
  5. Salt Writing Tray
  6. Cutting Practice*
  7. Shamrock Sight Words
  8. Clover Sizing
  9. St. Patrick’s Memory Match*
  10. Tracing Practice*
  11. Color the C’s*
  12. Count by Twos
  13. St. Patrick’s Day Dough Tray
  14. Color the Shamrocks*
  15. Mini Letter Tracing Sheets*
  16. Big St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

  • On the first day of this week of school we revisited last year’s DIY sensory bin for St. Patrick’s Day preschool!
  • We filled it with much of the same stuff –
  • Of course we added some green scoops for more fun!

Gold Coin Alphabet Match

  • I saw so many uses for gold coins on Pinterest this year! I tried one too…
  • On either side of 26 coins, I put a letter (upper case on one side, lower on the other)
  • Then, I wrote the alphabet on strips of green paper, with the intent of laying them out on the floor
  • Match the coins! E is great with uppercase letters but still working on which lowercase ones match.

How Many?*

  • From the preschool pack – thank you! One of our favorites – marking how many of the fun St. Pat’s items are one each page!
  • Gave him a highlighter to mark accordingly (and, so he could see the number after marking it).

Turn Letters into Gold*

  • This is so cute! Another one from Over the Big Moon’s pack – thanks!
  • Turn letters into gold! Gave him a gold colored pencil to do so.

Salt Writing Tray

  • We always love a salt tray. Put some chalk-tinted green salt in a green tray
  • Gave him a feather, plastic stirrer, and some gems to do some zen garden-inspired writing practice!

Cutting Practice*

  • Thanks for the cutting practice in the pack! Gave this to him with green scissors, of course.

Shamrock Sight Words

Clover Sizing

  • Another one from last year, Shamrock Size Chart! Simply four clovers of varying size, laminated, and a chart to match them up to.

St. Patrick’s Memory Match*

  • I used the St. Patrick’s pack to print two of the page of holiday symbols for an instant memory game!

Tracing Practice*

  • I knew E would love this one from the Over the Big Moon pack because it had girls on it. 🙂

Color the C’s*

  • Emphasizing big C and little C, this one is great. Color the C’s!

Count by Twos

  • This is the Count by Two Shamrock Counting from Making Learning Fun — thank you!
  • I printed the set of clovers in color, and the sheet to match them to in black and white
  • A pair of scissors and a glue stick round out this educational tray!

St. Patrick’s Day Dough Tray

  • It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a dough tray utilizing last year’s overpriced Shamrock cookie cutter!
  • I made him a fresh batch of pal green dough plus a bunch of dough tools for play.

Color the Shamrocks*

  • I so love these – make some cool shamrocks in colors you’ve never seen before!
  • Thank you for including these in the pack 🙂

Mini Letter Tracing Sheets*

  • To practice writing smaller letters, I printed four tracing sheets from the St Patrick’s pack 4-up on the page.

Big St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

  • Time to go larger scale with the sensory bin!
  • Honestly I didn’t add much more — some pompoms, more coins, tongs, gems, and these random green dollar store curlers that I always manage to find a use for.

It’s pretty obvious but this theme would not have been the same without the St. Patrick’s Day Pre-K Pack from Over the Big Moon! Thank you for the wonderful, free resource; it is so appreciated! He really liked the salt tray, sight words, and coloring shamrocks. It was impressive how easily he recognized the sight words – we need to work on that a whole lot more! Looking forward to the next seasonal theme – Spring!

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St. Patrick's Day Preschool Theme!

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