16 Water Preschool Trays!

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It’s hot outside! There’s not much more to say about it than that. It’s a perfect time for a week of water school!

Water is a great theme for this time of year as we can play and learn with it inside or out. We went to a pond and a fountain outside, and played in the sink and tub inside!

I was especially inspired this week by the Water Math & Science Activities for Kids Ages 3-6 by Measured Mom!

While we did two fun indoor water science experiments, we also reused a few ideas from our 10 Water, Ice & Snow Trays rom earlier this year. But for now, here we go with 16 Water Preschool Trays and a few links at the bottom for more activities.

16 fun trays for water preschool!

  1. Salt/Rice Scoop & Sifting
  2. Water Bead Light Bin
  3. Water Wow! Book
  4. Missing Letters
  5. Magnetic “Fishing” Sort
  6. Water Read/Trace/Write
  7. Drops on Coins
  8. States of Water
  9. Water Addition
  10. Make a Rain Stick
  11. Colored Water Mixing
  12. Water Activity Worksheet
  13. DIY Sink or Float?
  14. Grow Water Beads
  15. Water Activities
  16. Boat Patterns

Salt/Rice Scoop & Sifting

  • Not entirely related, but still fun, here’s a simple sensory setup…
  • In a Rubbermaid container, we put blue salt on the small side and standard white rice in the other side. We added some blue and clear gems.
  • To this we added simply a sifter and a scoop!

Water Bead Light Bin

  • Hard to picture! But here is a whole bunch of water beads in about 2″ of water, along with a submersible LED light and the net from the Boon Water Bugs bath toy.
  • These ended up in the bath tub!

Water Wow! Book

  • What better time to use a Water Wow! book! Use the water-filled pen to “write” on he pages.
  • An Aquadoodle would be a great fit here as well!

Missing Letters

  • Visit Worksheet Fun for an easy to print sheet full of rain drops and fill in the blanks!

Magnetic “Fishing” Sort

  • A simple concept here! A container is filled with water and four sets of magnetic things… washers in two sizes, nuts, and clips
  • We gave him the “pole” from his magnetic fishing puzzle and the Lakeshore Learning sorting math tray so he could fish out and sort the items!

Water Read/Trace/Write

  • This is simply reused from our last water school. A half sized-sheet of “water” to read, trace and write.

Drops on Coins

  • This activity was fully inspired by this water drops on a penny activity from Teachers Pay Teachers — thank you!
  • I printed out that actiivty but decided to save it for later.
  • But for this round of school, I just gave him four coins and a water dropper so he could explore the concept without recording it at this time.

States of Water

  • Another one from last time! Thank you to MrDChemDWiki for this graphic. It is laminated so E enjoyed writing on it.

Water Addition

  • These math problems come from the fish out of water math activity from Teachers Pay Teachers. Thank you!

Make a Rain Stick

  • This is a great idea from As the Bunny Hops — thank you!
  • For our rain stick materials, we used an empty plastic soda bottle, biodegradable foam peanuts, toothpicks, beans and bird seed
  • We encouraged E to pack the materials inside… instead he poked the toothpicks through all of the peanuts. 🙂 But we eventually made a cool rain stick!

Colored Water Mixing

  • Here is a relatively simple idea! I filled three small salad dressing bottles with corresponding colors of water.
  • Paired these with a small plastic dish and a paint tray so he could discover color combinations!

Water Activity Worksheet

  • Which activities require water? Find out with the free Resource: Water worksheet from Education.com!

DIY Sink or Float?
Grow Water Beads

Water Activities

  • These cool water flash cards from KidSparkz show all the kinds of activities and locations that use and/or require water. He got a kick out of the toilet!

Boat Patterns

  • I liked this different approach to a patterning sheet! Color in the next one in the pattern on this free Boat Patterns sheet from Education.com!

Some other items we did but are not pictured include this Fireman Fred maze, this saving water maze, and the cutting page from this spring printables pack from Free Homeschool Deals! This water balloon fun from Teachers Notebook looks like a lot of fun, too. Thank you!

It’s fun to learn with water! Before we know it, it will be time to do another winter version of this!

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Cool Books for Water Preschool

A sample of activities for water themed preschool!

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