17 Moon Preschool Trays!

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We have had a great time learning with 16 Space Preschool Trays (and before that, 10 Space Tot Trays), but we were ready to jet and go with this set of 17 Moon Preschool Trays!

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Look to the skies and learn with our 17 Moon Preschool Trays! We link to great resources and have some of our own easy ideas, too!

  1. Moon Play Dough Tray
  2. Moon’s Orbit Activity
  3. My Moon Book
  4. Moon Phases Mini-Book
  5. Moon Phases Matching
  6. Harold and the Purple Crayon coloring page
  7. Play Dough & Gems for Moon Craters
  8. Paper Circle Moon Cutting
  9. Goodnight Moon and Harold and the Purple Crayon Inspiration for Drawing
  10. Spaceman Donald Coloring
  11. Moon & Stars Cutting Practice
  12. Year of Moon Phases
  13. Moon Phases Flip Book
  14. Moon Tracking Page
  15. Black Dry Erase Board
  16. The Moon on Brainpop Jr.
  17. Space Subtraction

Moon Play Dough Tray

  • First, I made moon dough, which is basically Growing a Jeweled Rose’s recipe for DIY Model Magic, what a fun texture! We added a little green and black gel colors to get that moon-y look.
  • We had fun with this all week long! But at first the tray simply had some cookie cutters, like the moon from this mini Halloween cookie cutters set!
  • I put all of this on our small cookie sheet for easy cleanup.

Moon’s Orbit Activity

  • love everything about this model of the Earth and moon’s orbit on Teachers Pay Teachers!
  • Printed as is, I gave E the two templates so that Dad could work on one with him. I also included the directions for good measure.
  • Finally, I gave him gold star-shaped brads that I actually remember getting in a pack of 50 for a quarter in the clearance section of Target probably 15 years ago! (You never forget a good bargain)

My Moon Book

  • I am thankful for these free Moon readers
    from Teachers Pay Teachers – thank you!
  • We had several other activities here about the phases of the moon, so we left that book for next time!

Moon Phases Mini-Book

  • Another wonderful free resource from 3 Dinosaurs? Of course! This is one of her cool mini books: the moon phases mini book!
  • One page printed in color goes a long way here.

Moon Phases Matching

  • First of all, these awesome Moon Phases Vocabulary Cards are available for free on Teachers Pay Teachers — thank you!
  • I had some extra moons I had cut out from the moon phases graphics here, so, we turned this into a matching game and a chance to work on the vocabulary.

Harold and the Purple Crayon coloring page

Play Dough & Gems for Moon Craters

  • Here we used another play dough, a mostly white one we made recently.
  • I kept this simple — including pieces from the IKEA DUKTIG baking set  and some gems!
  • Our plan was to encourage him to push the gems into the dough, then remove them to make craters!

Paper Circle Moon Cutting

  • Here is a simple concept, but a cool one, I think!
  • I used my handy 3″ circle punch to get some uniform circles from both black cardstock and white cardstock.
  • Then we just gave him scissors and glue and waited to see, would he find ways to make moons? Would he reuse scraps?

Goodnight Moon and Harold and the Purple Crayon Inspiration for Drawing

Spaceman Donald Coloring

  • This cute Donald Duck coloring page, with the words “To the Moon!” underneath, is from an old Disney coloring book!

Moon & Stars Cutting Practice

  • We used the moon and stars from this great Weather Clipart!
  • This was great for cutting practice, and we will use the weather ones soon!

Year of Moon Phases

  • This one page printout of moon phases shows the moon you will see on each day of the year!

Moon Phases Flip Book

  • Another look at moon phases! This is the thoughtful Moon Phases Flipbook available for free on Teachers Pay Teachers!
  • There are two versions, one that shows the moons and the other with blank circles to draw in the moons. I gave him both so he could draw on one page, using the other page as a guide!
  • Provided some washable SuperTips markers for him to color with.

Moon Tracking Page

  • I really liked the potential for this Moon Phase Monthly Grid available for free from Teachers Pay Teachers!
  • As the moon isn’t quite visible enough for the activity itself, I just added a washable black marker so he could draw his own moons in the circles!

Black Dry Erase Board

  • It may be hard to tell in the tiny photo, but this is the Crayola Dual-Sided Dry Erase Board. The black side is a perfect night sky!
  • We paired this simply with the white and yellow crayons it comes with, plus a piece of felt and a textured foam star to help with the difficult task of erasing.

The Moon on Brainpop Jr.

  • Annie & Moby teach us so much! Check out all of the topics available from Brainpop Jr.!

Space Subtraction

This theme was already timed appropriately, based on the full moon. But naturally, this could happen any month! But this tied in even better with PBS Kids’ awesome new show, Ready Jet Go! He loves the show and it did such a good job explaining phases of the moon. How great it us when TV is helpful!

Also, it was a good call in the Moon Orbit activity above to include both copies of the craftivity! They enjoyed working on them together. And I must say how wonderful it is that you can buy just a pack of black washable markers. It’s such an inexpensive way to keep feeding his creativity!

So what was intended as a quick school theme (3 days or so) kept going to a full week of moon preschool trays. I’m so glad we focused on the moon like this. Maybe we will do a Sun theme later this summer!

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Great Books for Moon Preschool Trays

Here is a sample of our 17 Moon Preschool Trays! We find lots of ways to learn about our moon in this great week of school.

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