17 More Animal Tot Trays!

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We have done animal trays before, plus specific themes like the farm, birds, and fish! So here is our second round of animal trays – 17 animal tot trays this time!

  1. Paper Cutting Practice
  2. Head & Tail Match
  3. Brown Bear Words
  4. Wild Kratts Bookmarks
  5. Bird Stickers
  6. Sea Animal Cards
  7. Feeding Elephants
  8. Letter Matching
  9. Sticker Barn
  10. Brown Bear Graphing
  11. Cute Coloring Pages
  12. How to Draw Fish
  13. Cutting Strips
  14. Lacing Farm
  15. Animal Books
  16. Animal Dough Tray
  17. Playmobil Zoo

Paper Cutting Practice

Head & Tail Match

  • Did some head and tail matching at his desk with printables found at TurtleDiary.com — thanks!

Brown Bear Words

  • This is from the cute Brown Bear, Brown Bear pack from 1+1+1=1!
  • I trimmed the colored word/animal pairs but left the black and white tracing ones as worksheets
  • Gave him colorful markers to trace and color the B&W pages!

Wild Kratts Bookmarks

  • Printed out the Wild Kratts Bookmarks from PBS
  • I punched the holes out and gave him some strings to tie on!

Bird Stickers

  • Gave him some more circular bird stickers to decorate something!

Sea Animal Cards

  • Printed out a set of cards with sea animals on them, accessed from Realistic Coloring Pages
  • I cut them out but we encouraged him to color them!

Feeding Elephants

  • For ours I found a cute elephant and put a peanut underneath his trunk. I put one of the numbers 1-6 on each
  • Printed these in color and trimmed
  • Then put the elephants in sections of a dollar store tray
  • Rather than buy peanuts (the original plan) I used nuts we had already.
  • Feed each elephant!

Letter Matching

  • Started with a very cute set of hand-me-down alphabet blocks from Mattel. They are acrylic and has something inside to match the letter.
  • I picked out the ones that had animals inside, and got wooden alphabet tiles to match.
  • Nice use here of a previously packaged up baby toy!

Sticker Barn

  • Printed out a blank barn coloring page – thank you!
  • Also gave him some stickers, and he had plenty of coloring options to choose from.

Brown Bear Graphing

  • This is another cute activity from the Brown Bear, Brown Bear pack from 1+1+1=1
  • I trimmed the die piece and put it around a wood block for stability
  • Roll and mark your results on the graph!

Cute Coloring Pages

How to Draw Fish

Cutting Strips

  • With some space to spare on pages I was color copying, I made some simple strips for him to cut and make patterns with the cut out animals.

Lacing Farm

Animal Books

Animal Dough Tray

Playmobil Zoo

  • Simple again: we just stuck all of the PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Large Zoo in a bin! He has the creativity now to figure out what to do next!

I needed a week of an “easy theme” – that’s where Animals came in this time. It is in the place of something that would have been a little more work! But, doing a set of simple animal tot trays helped me get prepared for the next couple months. I needed that!

He is having so much fun coloring and cutting and is at the age that I like to keep putting that stuff out to boost his confidence. It’s nice to see him so happy with himself!

This has been shared with 1+1+1=1’s Tot School Gathering Place!

Great Books for Animal Tot Trays!

17 ideas for animal tot trays!


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