17 Pinterest Baby Learning Activities

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With baby E, we really took it all one day at a time. We knew we wanted a natural birth but didn’t really research it; we hired a doula on the fly at 37 weeks! I started babywearing out of necessity and baby-led weaning simply seemed right. Montessori too was an accident – who knew that a floor bed was a thing? – and it was nice to get some guiding principles on this whole parenting gig. It was then that I really started saving Pinterest baby learning activities, not knowing whether or not more babies were in our future.

With baby 2 on the way I am doing just a little more planning this time around. And now I have a wonderful little helper who would do anything to help his sister! So on top of my Pinterest board of baby learning activities I wanted to highlight some favorite ideas and inspiration, especially those by fellow members of the Kid Blogger Network!

I hope you (and we!) enjoy these 17 Pinterest baby learning activities!

I only really got into Pinterest once my baby was not-so-baby anymore. With #2 on the way I can't wait to utilize these 17 Pinterest Baby Learning Activities, with many arising from the incomprorable Kid Blogger Network!

Baby School for Sibling Play from Mama Smiles
Okay, now this may be the cutest idea on here. E is now in Montessori kindergarten and while at the time of this writing we do not know what first grade will entail, he does now know what more ‘traditional’ school is about (not just something on TV!) I think he’d love to teach his sister in this way.

Baby Book Hack from Teaching Mama
Here is one of those ‘hacks’ that blew me away. So simple in design but oh-so-practical. I have trouble with the pages of a board book sometimes, and how much easier is it with some simple pompoms? And it makes the book so inviting, too!

Tissue Paper Sensory Bin from And Next Comes L
With so many sensory tips and real applications, And Next Comes L is one of those blogs that will blow you away. Here is a simple example with something that’s always around – tissue paper! I tend to toss crumpled pieces straight in the recycling at a birthday party, but I will hold on to them this year!

Home Exercises for Babies from My Mundane and Miraculous Life
I hadn’t remotely heard of ‘crossing the midline’ until baby E was a toddler but was certainly curious of baby ideas for this important activity. Touch the left hand to the right foot? I can do that!

Boppy Pillow for Baby Play from Can Do Kiddo
Here is one of many collections of GREAT baby play ideas from this site! I really like the Boppy pillow ideas because they are practical, super helpful, and I already have the pillow and several cases from the first time around!

Montessori Baby – Week 1 from the Kavanaugh Report
Nicole*** has all the details on how to get going from the start, especially when you may be too tired to think of anything else! With a big brother who wants to help too, these ideas are essential.

Gelatin & Water Baby Play from Simple Fun for Kids
Those adorable baby rolls are all too familiar. 🙂 I have fallen in love with gelatin since baby #1 and would welcome a million ways to use it in my life now!

Baby Sensory Play from Sugar Aunts
Here is one of many great lists on this great blog! I think this is the best resource I have seen on how to utilize a mirror in baby play, as you can tell from the pin!

Importance of Baby Sensory Play from Natural Beach Living
This post speaks to me! 🙂 While I don’t believe I was ever comfortable enough to let E get busy with noodles, I fully understand why it’s good (and maybe he wouldn’t be so neat and tidy now!) But that said there is some great inspiration here.

Baby’s 1st Sensory Tub from No Time for Flash Cards
This is one of those things I just can’t wait to do, in only a few short months! No matter how tired or out of it I will be I could do it. Or have the big brother help for sure!

How to Make a Treasure Basket for Your Baby from Living Montessori Now
Have you heard of treasure baskets? I hadn’t when I had my last one! Here are tons of great links and roundup of themes, just for treasure baskets! Living Montessori Now is a crucial source for Montessori for all ages. Check out Deb’s Montessori for Infants video!

Baby Play Ball Basics from Simple.Home.Blessings
Here are great ideas for utilizing one of the most simple toys for baby playtime – a ball!

Soft Obstacle Course from Teach Me Mommy
My son will so get in on this one, too! How fun it will be to set up an obstacle course like this once the baby is a little older. Such a practical activity!

The Kid Blogger Network and Pinterest are amazing resources for everything under the sun. But today we're looking at an intriguing list of 17 Pinterest Baby Learning Activities!

Now here are a few more outstanding Pinterest baby learning activities! I’m overwhelmed!

Sensory Stand with Beads
This is a great, easy tutorial intended for making lower-cost items for kids with disabilities. What a great resource!

Activities to Do with your Infant 0-6 Months
Nice list with great feedback. I like the leg twist!

http://apartmentno12.blogspot.dk/2013/04/sansering-til-lille-vigga.html”>Sensory Hula Hoop
I love the idea of sensory walls and boards but am concerned about the space it takes up, and how to mount it in our rental. This hoop is such a good solution!

Homemade Roller for Babies
Drink bottle, towel, yoga mat and elastic! What a good setup to bring on a long car trip or to a hotel room!

Thank you for visiting! I can’t wait to use this resource of Pinterest baby learning activities and I hope it is helpful for you, too!

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