17 Preschool Knots & Boats Work Trays

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It bears repeating that I (Mom) set up homeschool each week but the super stay-at-home Dad in our house does 90% of the work with E’s day to day school! Now a few months ago Dad had suggested we do some sort of school about Knots. Knots?? As I wondered what to do it hit me that we could do Knots and Boats Preschool. So here is what we came up with for 17 Preschool Knots & Boats Work Trays!

How would I make a week of preschool about Knots? By adding Boats, of course! Check out our cool week of 17 Preschool Knots & Boats Work Trays!

  1. Halved Shapes Boat
  2. Boat Dot-to-Dot
  3. Letters in Knots vs. Boats
  4. Knots and Boats Words
  5. Adult Knot Coloring Pages
  6. Pattern Blocks Boat
  7. First Letter Cards
  8. Draw a Sailing Boat
  9. Boats on the Water
  10. Open Ended Boat Craft
  11. Knot Examples
  12. Knots on a Ring
  13. Rice & Boat Fine Motor Activity
  14. Boat Cutout Worksheet
  15. Boat Stencil
  16. Above, On and Below
  17. Busy Boats Drawing

Halved Shapes Boat

  • Oddly, days before this week of school begin, E showed interest in folding shapes in half! (Inspired by Donald in Mathmagic Land? Perhaps!)
  • That said, here is a cool but simple concept from DLTK Kids: Make a Boat Halves!

Boat Dot-to-Dot

Letters in Knots vs. Boats
Knots and Boats Words

  • I had to tie (haha!) this theme together somewhere, right? So here is a quick freebie I can share with you too – Knots & Boats Worksheets!
  • The first one gives the child an opportunity to find the right picture, word, and letters of KNOTS and BOATS. Then, he or she can practice writing the words.
  • When you take a closer look at these words, both five letters long, you may notice that they share a few letters, too! As we have been doing quite a bit with Venn diagrams of late, I thought this would be a practical way to analyze these words!

Adult Knot Coloring Pages

Pattern Blocks Boat

First Letter Cards

  • We had these cool cards printed from the very cute Let’s Go Fishing unit from Embark on the Journey. Thank you for sharing!

Draw a Sailing Boat

  • We always love these learning to draw activities. This time we will learn to draw a sailing boat courtesy of Activity Village!

Boats on the Water

Open Ended Boat Craft

  • E is always making something! I just gave him some basics here – wooden pieces, scraps, foam blocks, straws, etc. The “boat” is a cheap food tray you can get in a pack of a million at a bulk club or food supply store.

Knot Examples

  • I was pleasantly surprised at how many knot-based resources are out there! 🙂 This wonderful page from AnimatedKnots.com is great as is, but there is even more on their website!

Knots on a Ring

  • This is inspired by the one and only Rainy Day Mum’s natural ornament crafts!
  • I simply gave him a large ring and several short strings and ribbons. Knot away!

Rice & Boat Fine Motor Activity

  • How do you incorporate a boat bath toy into a work tray? We ended up filling the largest of the OXO Good Grips Mini Beakers with some rice and see if he figures out the plan to put it inside the Green Toys tugboat! It certainly is a fine motor activity!

Boat Cutout Worksheet

Boat Stencil

  • This boat stencil is from the Lakeshore Learning giant stencil box! Every time we get one of these out he understands the concept a little more 🙂
  • As always, holding the stencil down with just a little washi tape makes all the difference.

Above, On and Below

  • We are working on prepositions with the Above, on and Below worksheet from My Teaching Station!

Busy Boats Drawing

  • We knew that we would want to feature Busy Boats from the Amazing Machines collection! With how much E loves drawing, we decided to make it an open ended drawing activity in a blank softcover book with the book as inspiration!

Other Knots & Boats Work Trays Ideas

This was an interesting but neat week! As I thought may happen, I was bummed that we couldn’t incorporate some REAL boats. Maybe later in the spring. As also slightly expected, he did not understand the rice and boat concept. But once we did it together it was fun! Learning with boats work trays was a cool deviation from two rather standard dated weeks — Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day!

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Cool Books for Knots & Boats Work Trays

We are learning in preschool this week with a unique Knots & Boats preschool theme!

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