18 Construction Preschool Trays!

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How many times have I said that summer is my busiest time at work? Well it is! So sometimes I have to let the themes come to me. With half our town under construction, any homeschool outings would be simple, so how about a week of 18 Construction Preschool Trays!?

We had a fun week of construction preschool! It was easy thanks to toys we already had, great free printables, and more!

  1. Wood Boards & Chipboard
  2. Constructive Eating
  3. Construction Books
  4. Tegu & Magnetic Building
  5. Construction Zone Worksheet
  6. Be a Better Builder Worksheet
  7. Level & Plane
  8. Word Search
  9. Apron Coloring
  10. Smartmax
  11. Random Legos
  12. Take Apart Plane
  13. Memory Game
  14. Construction Dot to Dot
  15. Construction Stickers Scene
  16. What Would Be…
  17. Wheels Drawing Prompt

Wood Boards & Chipboard

Constructive Eating

  • E may not have used the Constructive Eating set much when he was young, but he likes it for playing now!
  • We put some dried peas, corn and pasta and silicone muffin cups so he could set up his own jobs.

Construction Books

  • We put two books out for him to practice reading as well as drawing: Dazzling Diggers and another book from the dollar bin at Jo-Ann!

Tegu & Magnetic Building

Construction Zone Worksheet

Be a Better Builder Worksheet

Level & Plane

Word Search

Apron Coloring

  • This is simply a cheap apron from Lowes, and some fabric markers to dress it up!


  • I always like it when I can put his Smartmax magnetic building set out with his school!
  • It’s one of those toys where you can really witness their growth.

Random Legos

  • Just as the title of this activity says, this is just a bunch of http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001T52V98/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B001T52V98&linkCode=as2&tag=smarteparte-20&linkId=EXIB7BYSLFAQKYYX”>random Legos!

Take Apart Plane

Memory Game

  • I just loved the look of this Construction Truck Matching Game available on Teachers Pay Teachers!
  • I trimmed them down to fit in a tray but gave him scissors to cut out the individual pieces.

aConstruction Dot to Dot

Construction Stickers Scene

  • To my surprise, I was able to find the same laser construction stickers that we have online! I have to wonder how long I’ve had these.
  • I thought it would be fun to make a scene with these on some black paper.

Reusable Sticker Scene

What Would Be…

    This is a page from a very random coloring book from the dollar store!

Wheels Drawing Prompt

  • I made this one. He’s been liking drawing prompts lately so I just put some clipart wheels on the page to see what he would make!

I also downloaded Constructing Preschool Fun but didn’t use it this time around.

Construction was a good, well-rounded theme! We utilized so many ideas from past weeks of school like Simple Machines and Tools. I hope this helps you “construct” a good week of preschool!

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We use some fun toys and great free printables for a fun week of Construction Preschool!

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