19 Alphabet Preschool Trays

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Though we did not take off homeschool this summer, with kids heading back right now I still feel the urge to push more learning activities at home right now. A great theme to help is none other than the ABC’s. Will we get him to think about letters this week, and will we get a desire to learn more to stick as well? And how much has he learned since his 12 Alphabet Tot Trays? (Quick answer: a ton!)

For now, here is a look at our 19 Alphabet Preschool Trays!

Learning about letters with our 19 Alphabet Preschool Trays!

  1. Bead Match, String & Draw
  2. Homophones Page
  3. Alphabet Puzzle
  4. Magazine Letter Match
  5. Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD
  6. Pattern Blocks & Letter Pages
  7. B/D Worksheet
  8. Clifford ABC Book & Puppet
  9. QuizIt Pen/a>
  10. Pages from Dr. Seuss Printable
  11. American Sign Language
  12. Alphabet Tracing Page
  13. Dry Erase Trace & Write
  14. Bead & Tile Alpha Bead Search
  15. Alphabet Go Fish
  16. Copy Writing
  17. Curious George Dictionary
  18. Water Wow! Book
  19. Character by Letter Sort

Bead Match, String & Draw

  • This activity starts out with a few plastic letter beads, four per color. Then I cut pieces of pipe cleaners in matching colors.
  • Made a “sample” for him with the four letters on its matching pipe cleaner, and wrote the results on a notebook
  • I thought this would be a good hands on way to experience letters!

Homophones Page

Alphabet Puzzle

Magazine Letter Match

  • Here is an activity where we can utilize a few of the billion magazine cutouts I have…
  • I collected a few easy-to-read letters
  • On black paper, I wrote out these letters with a colored pencil
  • Provided a glue stick so he could attach the letters! A good way to look at fonts.

LeapFrog Letter Factory DVD

  • This is none-other than the super popular LeapFrog: Letter Factory DVD! E was very surprised to see a DVD in his school area.

Pattern Blocks & Letter Pages

I got the letter E plus other letters in E’s names from these awesome alphabet pattern block pages – thank you!

B/D Worksheet

Clifford ABC Book & Puppet

  • A cute combo! After we checked one out at the library, we ended up getting E his own Clifford hand puppet for a birthday. We were lucky to find one in such shape!
  • Naturally, we paired this with the Clifford’s ABC during alphabet preschool!

QuizIt Pen

Pages from Dr. Seuss Printable

American Sign Language

  • I liked this easy to read chart of all the letters in American Sign Language – and what better week to look at it!

Alphabet Tracing Page

  • We started this week with a full sheet of alphabet tracing courtesy of Worksheet Fun!

Dry Erase Trace & Write

  • A very easy activity thanks to the Crayola Dry Erase Center! This is actually, like below, a page from inside the center. Since it is laminated I just gave him that plus a marker!

Bead & Tile Alpha Bead Search

  • A simple idea really. We have a bunch of ABC (and random 123) dry pasta from the grocery store
  • Added in a bunch of wooden alphabet tiles and beans with letters written on them from a past activity
  • Finally, we took a laminated page out of the Crayola Dry Erase Center with each letter and a line to practice the letter. But here, this was a perfect place to collect the beans and tiles!

Alphabet Go Fish

  • This is just a game – but a cool game! – Alphabet Go Fish!
  • The pictures are very cute (kind of like what you would find in a baby’s room). They are big and laminated!

Copy Writing

  • I call this “copy writing” because it starts with some words to copy (these are from the dollar store)
  • Then I gave him some big paper to copy the words on to!

Curious George Dictionary

  • This is a super book — Curious George’s Dictionary!
  • They do a nice job here of laying out words with pictures and some with sentences. A cute and familiar way to learn how to use a dictionary!

Water Wow! Book

Character by Letter Sort

He really liked learning about letters this week! A lot!! We also learned that he is able to write several letters with his memory. That’s great — he has learned so much since his Alphabet Tot Trays!

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Cool Books for Alphabet Preschool

Ideas for alphabet theme preschool!

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