19 Cars Preschool Trays!

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Once again, the first car show of the season is the perfect reason to have our week of 19 Cars Preschool Trays! We had fun in car tot school this time last year.

Starred* items below are from the Cars Preschool pack from 1+1+1=1 — thank you!!

  1. Counting Signs Worksheet
  2. Car Word Puzzles
  3. Road Shapes Cutting Practice
  4. Car Counter Math Matching
  5. Car Sight Words
  6. Race Car Letter Match
  7. Car Paint Job Designs!
  8. ABC Road Flip Book
  9. Motor Coloring
  10. Road Signs Cutting Practice
  11. Car Play Dough Tray
  12. In a Jam Worksheet
  13. Car Matching Worksheet
  14. Race Day Magnets Set
  15. Car Word Trace & Build
  16. Cars Shapes 3-Part Cards
  17. How Many?
  18. Cars “M” Watercolor Page
  19. Cars Race Line Tracing

Counting Signs Worksheet

  • This was a difficult worksheet! The intent is to circle trios of street signs.

Car Word Puzzles

Road Shapes Cutting Practice

  • What a great find!
  • The always resourceful Making Learning Fun has these wonderful Highway Shape Cards!
  • I printed out five of them in black and white, trimmed them down a little (so he could trim to shape) and have some fun with them!

Car Counter Math Matching

  • This was inspired by one of the million ideas on this blog – great stuff!
  • I picked four sums he is comfortable adding to (4, 7, 8 and 10). Marked these with labels on a tray, then marked off “parking spots” with washi tape.
  • Then I put “3+1” and so on with labels on each of his Minimotors Counters
  • This time, each car had a place to go in the “parking lot”!

Car Sight Words

  • This is inspired by the
    parking lot sight words game by Brooke of Teachable Moments (via Frog Spot) – thanks to you both!
  • I made a simple page in Word, filling most of the page with a 2-column table, and putting a sight word in each cell
  • Then I used labels to mark each of a set of toy cars with the sight words
  • Park the cars in their spots!

Race Car Letter Match

  • This alphabet upper/lower case matching activity was fully inspired by the Alphabet Car Game by Little Family Fun — thank you for the idea!
  • I started out by printing cute clipart of a race car (complete with checkered flags).
  • Then, I made a set of upper and lowercase alphabets to match the uppercase letter with its lowercase counterpart.
  • To simplify things a little, I gave him a few letters at a time.

Car Paint Job Designs!

  • This is simply clipart of a car, printed six to a standard page.
  • I had a feeling he would enjoy coloring in the cars with his Crayola Twistables crayons!

ABC Road Flip Book

  • This wonderfully cute and functional Alphabet Road Tracing Book From Playdough to Plato has been one of our favorites for a while!
  • I printed it as is in color, trimmed, and as suggested, put in a photo album.
  • For car preschool (and back on our last family vacation!) E got this book along with a tiny toy car to trace the letters.
  • (With the photo album, it is a tracing book as well!)

Motor Coloring

  • We used this coloring page back in car tot school, too! I can’t find where it came from, though. Thanks for it!

Road Signs Cutting Practice

  • This cute sheet of traffic signs was printed from Pre-K Pages — thank you!
  • I raelly liked the accuracy of this one. We ended up using it as a cutting practice activity.

Car Play Dough Tray

  • This simple tray had the intent of cutting dough out with the car from the Wilton Wheels Cookie Cutters, then adding wheels with the small circle from our Geometric Cookie Cutters
  • I gave him some fun colors so the cars wouldn’t be what you see every day!
  • I rounded this out with our favorite IKEA tray and some dough tools

In a Jam Worksheet

  • This full-color In a Jam! Worksheet from Education.com is a challenge!
  • The first page has a busy (jammed!) street, and on the second page you are to record the number of each car you see.

Car Matching Worksheet

  • Simple worksheets like this Match the Cars from Education.com are always good to have (and to save on ink!)

Race Day Magnets Set

Car Word Trace & Build

  • This is our regular laminated word page showing the word CAR, an opportunity to trace it, and build it with ABC tile letters!

Cars Shapes 3-Part Cards*

  • This is the first of four activities we used from the Cars Preschool pack from 1+1+1=1 — thank you!!
  • I enjoyed this different look on 3-part cards, with the words and pictures being about shapes, but with the Cars characters, too!
  • As usual, I printed these in color and trimmed before giving to him.

Cars Counting*

  • How many Cars friends are in each row? Match the number on the left to the set of cars on the right.

Cars “M” Watercolor Page*

  • From the Cars pack, I used this “M” page to pair with a strip of watercolor paint and a brush.

Cars Race Line Tracing*

  • This sheet from 1+1+1=1 helps the cars win the race by tracing the line!

Cars preschool was a fun late spring theme! I appreciated the Cars preschool pack so we could supplement the theme with some recognizable characters. As expected, E really liked the sight words activity. Hands on activities are often a hit!

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Great Cars Preschool Theme Books

Car preschool theme ideas!

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