21 Bird Preschool Trays!

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This year’s bird theme occurred a little earlier than last year’s bird tot trays, all because of a special event we were to attend. But wouldn’t you know that the weather forced the event to be cancelled? That was too bad but it was still fun learning all about our feathered friends with a busy week of 21 Bird Preschool Trays!

21 Bird Preschool Trays!


  1. My Book of Birds
  2. Word & Letter Puzzles
  3. Owl Tracing
  4. Bird Nest Craft
  5. Duck Shadow Matching
  6. Missing Numbers
  7. Cheerio Bird Feeders
  8. Bird Alphabet
  9. Bird Pattern Blocks
  10. Coffee Filter Bird
  11. How Many Birds? (13-18)
  12. Which is Different?
  13. 11-20 Puzzle
  14. Facing Left vs. Right
  15. Build a Nest
  16. Mom & Baby Birds Pictures
  17. Birdseed Sensory Bin
  18. How Many Leaves?
  19. Bird Word Tracing
  20. Bird 3-Part Cards
  21. Bb Word Tracing Page

My Book of Birds

Word & Letter Puzzles

Owl Tracing

  • From the UK edition of Scholastic, here is a cool owl tracing page!
  • With curvy and zig-zag lines, it is a little more complex than your average tracing page.

Bird Nest Craft

  • This very low-tech but very cool bird nest craft from A Day in Our Shoes is great because all you need is one piece of paper!
  • We gave him this with scissors, glue, and Twistables crayons!

Duck Shadow Matching

  • Left over from Pond Animals Preschool, aka thema “de sloot” is this cool sheet of duck shadow matching!
  • This wonderful learning site from the Netherlands, Kleuteridee, is worth checking out!

Missing Numbers

Cheerio Bird Feeders

  • “Is this snake school again?” Nope, but this Cheerio bird feeder activity is very similar to the snake and bead activities we have done before.
  • These are actually the same pipe cleaners from that activity, plus a big pile of Cheerios! String them on to make easy bird feeders.

Bird Alphabet

Bird Pattern Blocks

Coffee Filter Bird

  • This is a pretty simple craft — a coffee filter, wiggle eyes, a bird bill-shaped piece of foam, and feathers. He ended up choosing to use glue sticks and tape but we had planned to offer white glue.

How Many Birds? (13-18)
Which is Different?
11-20 Puzzle
Facing Left vs. Right

  • All four of these great activities are from the bird pack from 3 Dinosaurs — thank you!
  • He loves “What’s Different?” sheets and we have really been working on those numbers after 12 lately. Great stuff!

Build a Nest

Mom & Baby Birds Pictures

Birdseed Sensory Bin

How Many Leaves?
Bird Word Tracing
Bird 3-Part Cards
Bb Word Tracing Page

  • All four of these activities are from the wonderful bird preschool pack from Homeschool Creations!
  • A note for “How Many Leaves?” — I printed this at half size. I really like how that turned out!

No matter what time of year it is, or wherever you live, you are bound to find some birds! You can even go to the pet store to watch birds interact with their surroundings and each other. We enjoyed going for a walk and hanging the pipe cleaner/Cheerio bird feeders in a tree,, then periodically checking to see if any had been eaten.

Birds are among the many animals we have been learning about this summer, and more are to come!

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Cool Books for Bird Preschool

Bird Preschool Theme Ideas!

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