5 Sports Preschool Themes!

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Discovering hockey, baseball and more with five sports preschool themes!

While plans for lacrosse and volleyball sports preschool themes are also in the works, I’m proud to share five of my favorite weeks of homeschool: hockey, baseball, football, basketball, and tennis sports preschool themes!

You can click out to get to each sports preschool theme’s respective post, or check out my favorite printable and fine motor activities from each week. Let’s go!

Over the past two years we have learned about hockey, baseball, football, basketball and tennis in various weeks of sports preschool themes!

Hockey Sports Preschool Theme

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Hockey is the only sports preschool theme that is a revisit from hockey tot school! This goes in tandem with my free hockey tot (and preschool) pack – I hope you enjoy it!

Favorite Hockey Preschool Printable
Last year I added an activity to the tot pack and I am denoting it as my favorite – NHL Team Logo/Photo Match! It’s fun looking at the team names this way. But no I did not include a picture of an avalanche or a senator. :)

Favorite Hockey Preschool Fine Motor Activity
As it is an homage to one of my favorite toys as a kid (Precious Places!) I have to pick the Puck & Magnetic Wand w/ Rink Line Drawing activity as my favorite here. It was a fun use for the Crayola Dual-Sided Dry Erase Board!

Baseball Sports Preschool Theme

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Of any of these themes, baseball is certainly the one I could supplement with dozens of trays. It has been my favorite sport to play and especially watch since I was young. I would love to do a first grade or above unit with some tougher math activities!

Favorite Baseball Preschool Printable
The Pawtucket minor league baseball team website has a great collection of PawSox Coloring Pages featuring the MLB mascots! It was convenient to find all of these in one place.

Favorite Baseball Preschool Fine Motor Activity
The Where’s My Seat? activity is certainly the one I want to mention here. I used a printable stadium seating guide, highlighted some sections to look for, and wrote corresponding numbers on little wooden people.

Football Sports Preschool Theme

See the whole football sports preschool theme post!

We chose to do this football theme around the time of the annual spring scrimmage game near our local college. Naturally though this would be a great holiday-free theme for the fall or winter!

Favorite Football Preschool Printable
We had a lot of fun with the free doing some football measuring thanks to a great free printable available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I would also like to shamelessly link my Free Printable Jersey Numbers worksheets for some football-themed number practice.

Favorite Football Preschool Fine Motor Activity
I love a good craft and we had a neat time making a paper football! The modest supplies needed are easy to find.

Basketball Sports Preschool Theme

See the whole basketball sports preschool theme post!

Orange is my favorite color so I especially liked making a orange-heavy theme! A great free printable set provided plenty for that department. Like football this is a good break from holiday themes!

Favorite Basketball Preschool Printable
I would only be linking one thing here – the awesome Free Basketball Preschool Unit from A Teaching Mommy! We used parts in this on several basketball preschool trays.

Favorite Basketball Preschool Fine Motor Activity
For our whole adventure with homeschool preschool we have loved using the Perler Biggie Bead Tray. The Basketball Perler Beads activity was a perfect use of an included template!

Tennis Sports Preschool Theme

See the whole tennis sports preschool theme post!

I only had eight trays for this theme but they were certainly on point!

Favorite Tennis Preschool Printable
I only used a couple printables during preschool but I liked the simplicity of the colorful tennis rackets coloring activity. I simply duplicated tennis rackets on a single page so E could color them as he wished!

Favorite Tennis Preschool Fine Motor Activity
The favorite fine motor activity to mention here is a bit of a no-brainer with a tennis theme: a tennis ball and rubber bands

Way back in Tot School we had a week of sports tot school as well. That cute soccer ball craft has always been one of my favorites.

Thanks for checking out all of our sports preschool themes and we’re hoping to have some more in the near future!

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See over 100 ideas for learning among our sports preschool themes!

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