7 Military Tot Trays & Activities

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This week’s theme, as well as last week’s about the Earth have been quite interesting; how to teach pretty broad and important subjects to a kid who is not even 3! He is quite aware of the world around him though and it has been rather inspiring to watch him learn about these things.

Naturally, we went all about “fun” on this Military & USA theme — no sensitive issues here. These toddler-safe activities all tied in perfectly with a military-themed event we attended.

Here are our 7 fun military tot trays and activities:

7 tot-friendly military and USA themed toddler activities!

  1. American Flag Craft
  2. Dog Tag Threading
  3. Dough & Army Men
  4. Military Coloring Pages
  5. Camo Print Paper Cutting/Folding
  6. Knot Tying
  7. American Flag Stickers

American Flag Craft

  • Fun and EASY!
  • White rectangle of cardstock
  • 1 blue square
  • A few red strips – we did 3 small ones (to be parallel with blue square) and 2 large strips for underneath
  • A sheet of silver star stickers
  • Included a glue stick and a flag to model his project after.

Dog Tag Threading

  • Set of Oriental Trading military dog tags
  • They came on individual chains, but instead we provided a pipe cleaner for threading
  • We did not provide any sort of explanation of what these are – just that “army men” use them

Dough & Army Men

  • Even simpler dough activity than usual!
  • Put out a pencil box with a small bowl of green dough, plus several army men to stick in to the dough.
  • I was interested in doing a much more complex scene, perhaps cornmeal as a “desert,” but we will save that for another time!

Military Coloring Pages

  • Printed out three “tot-friendly” coloring pages
  • Included simple pack of crayons for coloring, but he can access other pens/markers/etc. if he chooses

Camo Print Paper Cutting/Folding

  • Cut a piece of 12×12 camouflage-print paper into various smaller squares/rectangles
  • Included scissors but encouraging him to fold the paper as well

Knot Tying

  • Simply some blue twine tied into knots to “practice”
  • I intended to use some jute we have but it had way too many sharp edges!

American Flag Stickers

  • Another open-ended craft celebrating the flag
  • Various stickers including round flags from Trader Joe’s and foam stars from Oriental Trading
  • Included a silver piece of cardstock as a canvas

Well, he blew me away this week — the only direction he needed from me on the American Flag craft was to put the longer red stripes on the bottom. But wow — he made quite a masterpiece! He always loves pointing out flags so we knew he liked it, but didn’t know he was that aware.

(A funny note on that: while I really planned to give him 7 red stripes and 50 stars, I am glad we decided to do a simple flag instead. He is just a toddler — he has plenty of time to make a perfect flag replica!) :)

Like I have said at least twice, I think this is a good way to expose him to these things without getting too specific, or for lack of a better word, graphic. There is plenty of time for that later.

Guess what – we don’t actually know what theme is next! We have a couple in mind so we will see what works. We are happy to have the distraction of the outdoors as well at this point!

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