7 Simple Salt Trays!

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I have been obsessed with zen gardens for a long time. Whenever we get a house, I will surely make have a big zen garden somewhere! But for now, a reasonable alternative is none other than salt!

I love salt because it’s super cheap (around $1 for a box at the big box store), it’s white, and easy to clean up. I’ve dyed it easily with a drop of food coloring or, my favorite, by adding grated sidewalk chalk!

I was putting together a salt tray to go with E’s St. Patrick’s Day school and trying to think of what to put with it. I ended up adding a plastic stirrer and a feather. I was happy to see the same feather and salt writing idea over at Teach Preschool!

My favorite activity is to simply provide containers each of salt and dry pasta rings. I love how the salt pours through and around the rings! We have done this with both dyed pasta and rice as well as in their natural state. I often use a Tidy Tray for easy cleanup and absolutely adore these mini OXO beakers! We also get a lot of use out of these geometric cookie cutters, plus helpful tools like paintbrushes, spoons, measuring cups, sifters, and containers of all sizes.

So, please enjoy my quick roundup of 7 Simple Salt Trays and check out all of the simple salt trays on my blog!

1. Number Drawing Salt Tray
2. St. Patrick’s Day Salt Writing w/Feather & Stirrer
3. $25 Lighted Sensory Bin
4. Salt & Ring Pasta Pouring
5. Circle Salt Pouring Activity
6. Simple Salt Dinosaur Excavation
7.  Triangle Shape Salt Reveal
Plus Easy Chalk-Tinted Colored Salt!

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Favorite Supplies for Simple Salt Trays

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2 thoughts on “7 Simple Salt Trays!

  1. hello, wow wow and wow , I just saw your website and it is amazing that’s just what I wanted, my baby is 35 months and I wanted to start tot tray with him, but I have no idea and experience but after reading your posts I got many ideas, thank you so much, I have some questions, do you do all of them in a week? how many trays a day? do you have any tot tray form? for example for monday which try do you do? I like to be organized and have a weekly form so this way I am less confused and stressed, any idea would be great, thank you so much.

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting – I am glad you found me! Frankly, I work a week at a time, and I put 6-8 trays out at a time. (There is always a “sensory” one, like a salt tray, dough tray, etc.) I work full-time so it works out best for me to change out trays Monday night. It just works out for us! We do about 90% of them, every once in a while ones just don’t work out. I tend to “replenish” by taking out a finished tray or two every other day. As he’s gotten older we go through about 8-12 a week, but now that he does worksheets that number has gone up a bit.

      My early inspiration came from three blogs in particular – 1+1+1=1 (the inventor of Tot Trays!), And Next Comes L and Moms Have Questions Too. Definitely check them out! I also re-pin a lot on Pinterest if you want to see that.

      I am working on a “must-have” list for preschool homeschool and will link you to it when it is done!

      Thanks again for stopping by,
      Kristin @smartEpartE

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