9 Martha Speaks Preschool Trays!

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A schedule change prompted me to move a week of school to May, but I had nothing on deck. So while he would just ask for Robots again I went with a show he is quite into these days. So here is a simple set of Martha Speaks Preschool Trays!

A fun week of learning with our favorite talking dog, Martha! Here are some easy ideas for Martha Speaks Preschool Trays.

  1. Thief of Hearts Book w/ Blank Cards
  2. 26 Letters (for Alphabet Soup)
  3. TD’s Junk Coloring Page
  4. Playmobil Play
  5. Words & Definitions Picture Cards
  6. Martha’s Favorite Word
  7. Dog Paw Print Punching
  8. Martha Blah Blah Book
  9. Alphabet Soup Scooping

Thief of Hearts Book w/ Blank Cards

26 Letters (for Alphabet Soup)

  • Once again we are using a Lakeshore Learning Math Tray and wooden letter tiles to make sure we have each of the 26 letters!
  • I taped up numbers 27-30 to function as the “alphabet storage”!

TD’s Junk Coloring Page

Playmobil Play

Words & Definitions Picture Cards

  • These cards are from the Martha Speaks About Learning Boxed Set! I picked this up at an outlet store during the holiday season.
  • Cards with matching pictures show either the word or its definition!

Martha’s Favorite Word

Dog Paw Print Punching

  • E is enjoying punching more and more so getting out a paw print punch is perfect! (Please note this link is to a different paw punch available on Amazon.)
  • I gave this punch to him with several weights and designs of paper, plus a little metal portion dish to collect the punches.

Martha Blah Blah Book

Alphabet Soup Scooping

  • We have this great teeny alphabet pasta that we have used back during our Alphabet Preschool Trays, and with Martha loving her alphabet soup, I knew I needed to find a use for the pasta here.
  • So I kept things simple and set up a small sensory tray with a cup of dry alphabet pasta, another cup of mostly red pompoms, recycled plastic ice cream cups, and mini measuring cups.

I always like a theme where I can use what I have around! I didn’t even print anything in color for our week of Martha Speaks Preschool!

Feel free to check out our past animal tot and preschool themes or learn with another PBS favorite: Curious George!

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Cool Books for Martha Speaks Preschool

Here are some simple ideas for Martha Speaks Preschool!

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    • Thanks for coming by! I love how kids are portrayed on that show – it has turned into one of my favorites.

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