9 More Trays for a Farm Tot Theme!

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We welcomed the first week in June with another look at a favorite week with a farm tot theme! We revamped several activities, making them a little more complex this time around. I won’t repeat myself too much linking to last time, but many of these are covered as well in our original set of 13 Farm Tot Trays and Activities. (Later on we did Farm Animals Preschool Trays, and Tractor Preschool Trays!) But here is today’s set of 9 trays with a farm tot theme:

  1. Feed the Animals
  2. Mud on the Pig
  3. Circle Sticker Matching
  4. Mom & Baby Animal Cards
  5. Corn Sensory Bin
  6. Barn Paper Piecing & Stickers
  7. Fun Farm Coloring Book
  8. Plow & Plant Play Dough
  9. Duplo Farm Blocks

Feed the Animals

  • As I had thought about doing last time, this time I did include a “menu”!
  • Used four toy animals from Kidoozie Funtime Tractor
  • Had three cups of “feed” that are easy to scoop: pink lentils, green lentils, and oats
  • Created a “menu” with OTC stickers of animals to match the characters, and used a small circle hole punch to punch paper in similar colors to the feed
  • Each animal had a different “meal” on the menu
  • Included a small paint tray, tiny scoop, Tidy Tray and bowl

Mud on the Pig

  • This is from Fun-a-Day’s Preschool Farm Math Game – thank you!
  • I printed a cute pig in color — thank you!
  • Included brown Unifix Cubes as “mud”
  • Made a die with a wooden block and number stickers. I put on 2 1’s, 2 2’s, a 3 and a 4.
  • Object is to roll the die and put that many “muds” on the pig

Circle Sticker Matching

  • This was literally from last time as he didn’t finish it!
  • Had a printout of my simple “circle sticker matching” sheet
  • Put one sticker on one side, and gave him a small container of the matching stickers
  • Match the stickers!

Mom & Baby Animal Cards

  • Round 3 for these cards!
  • I found 12 stock images of animals, 6 sets of “moms” and babies”
  • I put them all in Publisher and added the name of the animal (sheep, lamb, goat, kid, etc.)
  • Encouraged him to match each mom to her baby.

Corn Sensory Bin

  • Our tried and true corn sensory bin!
  • Filled a big bin with corn and gave him some tractors
  • Left it at that and let him decide to move other things over like the animals from the feeding activity and pieces from the Duplo set.

Barn Paper Piecing & Stickers

  • First, I found a stock image of farmland and opened it in Publisher
  • On “top” of the farmland I made an oversized barn with a rectangle (filled in brown), “roof” shape outlined in red, and a red silo in the background
  • I ended up gluing on two red rectangles as opening doors; I felt like it’d be easier if they were already in place.
  • I tore up some more pieces of red paper to paste on the barn’s roof with glue stick
  • Also gave him some animal stickers to place inside the barn

Fun Farm Coloring Book

  • This idea is inspired by Moms Have Questions Too — thank you!
  • Made a simple 8 page book by printing double-sided on one sheet of paper (making this about 10 cents to make!)
  • Designed in Publisher, making a cover page and four pages with an animal to color, and its name to trace
  • Used fun tracing font — for the letters, thank you!
  • Included triangular crayons for coloring

Plow & Plant Play Dough

  • Brought back another favorite with no changes!
  • Included dough, beans for “seeds” and small Chubbies vehicle
  • Flatten the dough and plant the seeds!

Duplo Farm Blocks

It was fun to look at this theme again! Really, it was the third time for some of these farm tot theme ideas as we reused some for the Animal theme. Reusing things made it easy to put together of course!

As it is what we did, I think about 3 months between these themes worked out well.

Our next round is a brand new theme — Space! We are really looking forward to this one.

I’m proud to be linking this post up to 1+1+1=1’s Tot School Gathering Place with activities that E enjoyed at 35 months old – thank you for featuring it in week 63! Also linked at Turn it Up Tuesdays, Laugh & Learn Linkup, A Little Bird Told Me Link Party!

Feed the animals -- two different ways! Plus other tot school trays and activities about the farm!


Cool Books for Farm Tot Trays!

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