14 Activities for Healthy Foods Tot School

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This is one of our last three ‘summer’ themes, moving on to more traditional, weekly themes once the school year starts. So while a “Food” theme can be so broad we tightened it up a little bit — Healthy Foods Tot School! It was very easy still to find activities from across other themes as well. We came up with 14 things to do, and here they are!

  1. Cut + Paste Magazine Clippings
  2. Healthy Foods Puzzles
  3. Dried Foods Chart
  4. Play Food & DIY Recipe Cards
  5. Make a Smoothie
  6. Healthy Bingo
  7. Stringing Cheerios
  8. Cut the Cheese!
  9. How Many Fruits?
  10. Coloring Page
  11. Apple Sequencing
  12. “Carrot” + Bean Sensory Bin
  13. DIY Healthy Food Charts
  14. Healthy Eating Books

Cut + Paste Magazine Clippings

  • So this is a good use for those magazine clippings I always keep (and kept long before E!!)
  • Gave him a big pile of roughly-trimmed pictures of food
  • Put the clippings in something new (but I saw on Pinterest) — used a photo box lid, cut a small hole for a string which I attached scissors to. A new ‘cutting tray’.
  • Included a paper plate and glue to make a healthy meal (if he wanted to)

Healthy Foods Puzzles

  • Printed these from Preschool Printables — thank you!
  • Printed in color and cut to size; felt I could skip the laminating.
  • A nice, small activity that’s worked especially well in his tray after he eats a (healthy) snack!!

Dried Foods Chart

  • Simply created a chart to show what some of his favorite foods look like ‘dried’ (and vice versa)
  • I created this in Publisher, finding stock images of the foods and putting them in a chart.

Play Food & DIY Recipe Cards

Make a Smoothie

  • Started off with most of the fruits from the our set of Fruits & Nuts Flannelboard Figures
  • Then I found stock images that closely matched the felt fruits
  • I ended up attaching all these fruits to a single cardstock sheet, wrote “Pick 3” on the top, and put this in a write & wipe pocket
  • Gave him a pen with the intent of ‘marking’ the 3 fruits wanted in a smoothie
  • Speaking of smoothies, gave him an old non-functioning blender, cups, and the fruits

Healthy Bingo

  • Printed this out as is from DLTK Growing Together — thank you! (Check out that site for a lot of customizable printables!)
  • Printed an extra copy for us to “call out” the pictures on his card
  • Added 9 wooden disks to use as markers

Stringing Cheerios

  • First, used a big plastic needle for the stringing (found in a two-pack at Michaels for around $2)
  • Tied a piece of thread to the needle
  • On the other end of the string, I tied on a single Cheerio to hold the rest
  • Gave him a bowl of Cheerios to string with the needle!
  • (Later in the week I added some ABC pretzels that could be put on a string: B, D, O, P and Q)

Cut the Cheese!

  • He invented this one!
  • Start with any shapes from our awesome set of Geometric Cookie Cutters
  • Then give something to cut. Sliced goat cheese is great! We’ve also had success with tortillas and lunch meat
  • Cut and eat some shapes!

How Many Fruits?

  • This is a printable from Preschool Printables — thank you!
  • We printed in color, trimmed and gave him a pen!

Coloring Page

  • Just a picture of fruit from the always resourceful WorksheetFun!

Apple Sequencing

  • Saw this idea around — thank you!
  • Found three stock images of apples — a whole apple, a half-eaten apple, and a core
  • Made him a simple chart in Publisher, three rectangles each with a number (1, 2 or 3)
  • Having him put the apples in the right sequence. Leaving it up to him what is “1” and what is “3”.

“Carrot” + Bean Sensory Bin

  • This idea is from Mama Miss — thank you!
  • Used five of the same dollar store carrot eggs
  • Gave him containers of white beans, black beans, and veggie pasta
  • Put all this in a larger bn so he could make his own farmland.

DIY Healthy Food Charts

Healthy Eating Books

Healthy Foods Tot School is a theme near and dear to my heart! I was once a nutrition major (long ago) and have always been conscious of portion sizes, what you should eat at particular times of the day, and so on.

This theme proved interesting as well because he knows of this stuff — what is healthy and what’s not, what tools do you use in the kitchen, what is in a smoothie — but here we were able to tie it all together.

As one would expect, his favorite activities were the ‘making’ ones. D said he didn’t catch on to the “Pick 3” concept of the smoothies, unless that was intended as crossing out every fruit on the page and shoving all the felt pieces into the blender!

Another fun moment was him basically inventing a school activity — the “Cutting the Cheese” activity above. Trader Joe’s Goat Cheese is a great surface to cut with cookie cutters!

This is an easy transition to another multi-faceted theme: Science.

I’m proud to be linking this post up to 1+1+1=1’s Tot School Gathering Place with activities that E enjoyed at 37 months old — thank you for featuring it in week 152! Also shared over at Montessori Monday, Top-Notch Tuesday Linkup Party, Tuesday Talk, Shine Blog Hop, Learn and Play Link-Up and the Hearts for Home Blog Hop!

Cool Books for Healthy Foods Preschool

Healthy Foods Tot Trays & Preschool Ideas!

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