Little Kids Christmas Packages: Silhouette Cameo Paper Ornament Kits

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Every year I put together some sort of little kids Christmas packages for the young ones in our lives. They are mildly catered to different age ranges. Last year I sent around coloring pages and pencils. So, older kids got harder mazes and such while little kids got simpler puzzles and pictures.

In the past few years especially, I have made these little kids Christmas packages clearly say “open me now!” The included activity is something that can be done in advance of the holiday. And what child doesn’t love opening a package addressed to them? With all the online ordering going on these days I figure this is an extra treat.

I am always mindful of shipping in this process as well, usually working backwards from that. It’s not reasonable to put together packages that cost $12 to ship!

These kids are getting older, and between inspiration from my crafty kid and my Silhouette Cameo, I decided to put together Silhouette Cameo Paper Ornament Kits for this year’s little kids Christmas packages!

Make little kids Christmas packages with the Silhouette Cameo!

My overall plan was to cut round ornament shapes plus several paper pieces of varying shapes to decorate the ornament. The inspiration actually came from decorating cookies! But of course I liked the idea that the parents would get a little keepsake out of it.

Silhouette Cameo Paper Ornament Kits – Little Kids Christmas Packages

12 sheets thin cardstock
Washable glue sticks
Red ballpoint pens
Green ballpoint pens
Snack sized plastic bags
Sandwich sized plastic bags
Padded envelopes

Equipment needed:
Silhouette Cameo machine
Cutting mats
Cutting blades
Trays for sorting (optional)

1. I collected various sheets of not-so-thick cardstock, because cardstock can be rough on the Cameo! I stuck with jewel tones plus white and ivory.

2. Next I put together two different 12 x 12 documents. One had multiple 4″ ornaments on the page (with holes cut out!), and the other document was several accents, from squiggles and spirals to gingerbread men and stars.

(I only bought a single design – showing that a $25 Silhouette Cameo gift card can go a long way! Many of the designs and elements used are actually no-cost ones that Silhouette gives out for free. (Did you know they have a free design per day through much of December?)

3. Next I cut the papers. I used the standard cardstock settings, except for upping the speed by one. I did use two cutting mats so I could peel the pieces of one while the other mat was going through the machine.

4. Then E and I used trays with sections to sort out the pieces. This was his idea!

5. Now it was time to assemble!

– One snack bag: red pen, green pen, glue stick, string (to hang ornament)
– One snack bag: All paper pieces for decorating
– One sandwich bag: Blank paper ornament (one per child)
– Card: We also added photo cards from Shutterfly that had a picture of E proudly holding ornaments he made, with the message “Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy making ornaments, too!”

These all went inside a padded envelope. These smaller, 6″ x 9″ sized ones are a great size (and a great price). Our little kids Christmas packages were complete!

We naturally gave more paper pieces to families with more kids. While I thought about sending a glue stick per child, I stuck with one. Why not promote some sharing? (This coming from a mom of one, with one on the way…)

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