O for Onions Preschool Trays

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This was a fun, albeit slightly smelly week of school! We already detailed our Parts of an Onion Discovery Bag and we found more ways to learn with onions as well. We rounded things out easily with some “O” items. So here you go, our O for Onions Preschool Trays!

18 onions preschool trays!

  1. Onion Discovery Bag
  2. O Cereal Sensory Bin
  3. O Pattern Blocks
  4. Pearl Onion Counting
  5. Onion Read, Trace, Write & Build
  6. Onion Cornmeal Reveal
  7. Bead Stringing
  8. Onion Circle Cutting Practice
  9. “OO” Cereal Words
  10. All About the Letter O
  11. O Dough Tray
  12. Owl Worksheet
  13. Wooden Washer Stacking
  14. Onion Addition
  15. Roll a Word
  16. O Tracing Practice
  17. -op, -ot, -og Worksheet
  18. Onion Drawing

Onion Discovery Bag

  • I posted about discovering produce in a separate post. All you need is a fruit or vegetable, Ziploc bag, and some tape!

O Cereal Sensory Bin

  • As simple as it comes — it’s a bin full of O cereal (they aren’t Cheerios, so I’m not claiming they are!) plus some trays and scoops!

O Pattern Blocks

Pearl Onion Counting

Onion Read, Trace, Write & Build

  • We tend to introduce a new week of school with a big sheet like this!
  • I used my Publisher template for this, added the word Onions and some clipart
  • For the “build” part, I gave him wooden letter tiles!

Onion Cornmeal Reveal

  • First, I printed this onion coloring page in black and white
  • I trimmed it and taped it down with washi tape
  • Then, I poured cornmeal on top and gave him a paintbrush to ‘reveal’ the onion underneath!

Bead Stringing

Onion Circle Cutting Practice

  • First I found several free clipart images about onions — growing in the ground, whole onions, pearl onions, chopped onions, and more!
  • Using Photoscape, I quickly cropped them all as circles
  • Simply placed all these circles on a Publisher page and printed in color for an easy cutting activity!

“OO” Cereal Words

  • This was inspired by
    Fruit Loops Word Work from First Grade Wow – thank you!
  • Using Publisher I made some simple pages that showed a recognizable object with an “oo” in its name
  • Then included the word, minus the oo’s to match up with the Cheerios!

All About the Letter O

O Dough Tray

Owl Worksheet

Wooden Washer Stacking

  • One of my favorite items from craftparts.com are these wooden washers! They are so smooth!
  • I made a simple stacking tray by attaching golf tees to a wood tray with glue dots

Onion Addition

  • We brought the pearl onions out again for some math!
  • These are simple math cards we have made in the past. Just gave him both the cards and onions for some open-ended addition.

Roll a Word

  • This cute little game is from the Roll a Word Family from Teachers Pay Teachers — thank you!
  • This was a little too difficult but still fun to talk about!

O Tracing Practice

-op, -ot, -og Worksheet

Onion Drawing

  • With the fact that E is loving to draw lately…
  • I gave him the flannelboard onion from his set, plus some onion-colored colored pencils
  • Then along with several squares of white notepaper, I utilized my drawing skills to try this myself. It was enough to show him what to do (and yes his looked better than mine)

I inexplicably didn’t take a picture of the utterly adorable The Missing Onions! Peter Rabbit is great! It was such a fun find for this funky theme.

I really had a lot of fun with these Onions Preschool Trays. It was kind of the last real “creative” theme for about a month; I had to plan a few ‘easier’ ones in a row as this is a crazy busy time for me with work.

One thing that we didn’t do that I would like to next time is more with onions related to science. I originally planned to make onion slides for his microscope, hence the idea for the “discovery bag”. I’d also want to re-grow green onions!

It’s always good to have additional ideas for next time!

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Books for “O” and Onions Preschool Trays!

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