Penguins & Polar Bears Preschool Trays!

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Barnacles and Peso! They work hard together on the Octopod and are the only Octonauts who like cold weather. They seemed like a fun pair to focus on as we had some arctic animal fun in preschool homeschool.

Check out 13 Penguins and Polar Bears Preschool Trays – including a fun DIY “clean” snow sensory bin!

Polar Bears and Penguins preschool trays! Fun for any Arctic theme!

  1. Penguin Paper Craft
  2. Tracing Pages
  3. Snowball 10 Frames
  4. “Clean” Snow Sensory Bin
  5. Coloring on Black Paper
  6. Roll & Draw
  7. Addition to 6
  8. Play Dough Igloo
  9. Snowflake Tally Marks
  10. Octonauts Coloring Pages
  11. Still Life: Penguin
  12. Draw a Penguin
  13. Skating to 10

Penguin Paper Craft

  • A perfect craft for Valentine’s Day or a penguin theme, this heart penguin craft was tons of fun!

Tracing Pages

  • It’s fun to make simple tracing pages at Kidzone! Their winter theme was perfect for practicing the words “penguin” and “polar bear”!

Snowball 10 Frames

  • I am convinced that The Printable Princess on Teachers Pay Teachers makes some of the best printables out there! Here is the first of three we used from her free Winter Activities pack!

“Clean” Snow Sensory Bin

  • This was fun to set up! I love all the snow ideas out there, but we keep things “clean” on the homeschool shelf. So here is a “clean” snow sensory bin!
  • I also set it up in the “DIY’ style so he could decide to work in the bin, on the floor, or maybe both.
  • Its contents include random pieces of foam, white pompoms (regular and glittery), some white and clear glass gems, cotton balls, baskets, scoops, and of course, Barnacles and Peso squirters!

Coloring on Black & Dark Colors

  • E LOVES to draw right now. Loves it! Here I wanted him to try to focus on what the white drawing implements do on black cardstock and other dark colors.

Roll & Draw

  • This time I decided to make my own “roll & record” style activity!
  • With the theme, I liked the idea of it being loosely (may I repeat, LOOSELY) related to penguins and polar bears finding food to eat. I wanted to keep it G-rated (of course).
  • Next I looked around for some antiquey-looking photos of fish, and found some
    here, here and here.
  • I printed these graphics on a 10 row column table, add added both a polar bear and penguin so we would know whose sheet is whose.
  • Finally, I taped the fish and kelp pictures to a foam alphabet block – my favorite tool for these games!
  • My intent was for E and Dad to each have their own sheet, and watch how they fill up!
  • Finally, some cute animals are joining this party – the Baby Emperor Penguin and the Polar Bear!

Addition to 6

  • This worksheet comes from this Winter Math Mega Pack from Teachers Pay Teachers — thanks!
  • Originally I thought I would just have him color in the sheet. But, I decided to go with it as intended, and give him a pink highlighter to color the fish whose numbers add up to six!

Play Dough Igloo

  • This idea is actually inspired by Counting Igloo Sculpture from!
  • We did not use nor print this worksheet, but I am thankful for the idea!

Snowflake Tally Marks

Octonauts Coloring Pages

  • The official Octonauts website has some high -quality printables and coloring pages — I hope the related episodes are available to us soon, too!

Still Life: Penguin

  • With the new year, I started something new. A few times a week I put out “still life” for him to draw!
  • This time, to relate to school, I put one of his cute pompom penguins out there with a blank notebook and some colored pencils!

Draw a Penguin

Skating to 10

I will admit right here that I was nervous what he would think of this. For one, what about Kwazii? I do think focusing on just the two animals worked out well. It could make me rethink some stuff for future animal themes!

Not that it needed to, but the weather cooperated as well! Haha!

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Books for Penguins & Polar Bears Preschool Theme

Penguins and Polar Bears preschool theme ideas!

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