Practical Preschool Presents

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I have been told time and time again that I am hard to shop for. Really? I’d be happy with a membership to a meat-of-the-month club or an endless roll of double-stick tape. The first gift my now husband ever bought me was a belt change dispenser (yes, I wanted it, and he pulled that off without the internet!) But if I step back, I can see it. I’m overly practical, and would prefer a gallon of antibacterial soap over a Bath and Body Works scented foaming soap anyday.

Now I have a homeschooled preschooler and we are heading down the same path. I look at his wish list for this year and I see a whole lot of “practical”! So looking over the past few years, I wanted to highlight a few preschool toys and other every day gift ideas that are still fun, and yes, quite practical. On to our short list of nine practical preschool presents!

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Shopping for a homeschooled preschool this holiday season? Check out our favorite set of practical preschool presents.
Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum
Right at the top I will put our favorite — the recipient of an amazing amount of Amazon accolades. E emphatically wanted his own vacuum so after a little research, and a desire to make this a truly practical purchase, we opted for this plug in wonder. He can use it easily (adult supervision!!) and it works great in our car. Perfect! I can’t recommend it enough.

Little Helper Broom Set
OK I didn’t intend for my top two selections to be about cleaning, but here you go. I think this little set has had more use by all 3 of us than any other things in our house the past three years. A little before 18 months we made a cleaning “wall” for him with various supplies, and these are the highlights! It’s a darling set that actually works.

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set
I keep pretty much every possession I have inside a Sterilite container. This set may take up a container on its own but it is surely worth it. Until I saw the picture, I forgot it came with the goggles. What a good deal!

Wooden Pattern Blocks
Simply the best. You can get these in plastic, too, but I will always love the wood. This set has even more value when you consider the free printables available from places like Jessica’s Pattern Block Mats and PreKinders!

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet
I have my random list of sensory hurdles and a big one is writing. Many a pencil has caused me distress. But the impossible-to-describe sensory feeling of the Boogie Board pen writing on the LCD surface is a bit…indescribable. It is nice! And you can press the button up top to erase it.

Geometric Cookie Cutters
This set is a star of this list and one of my favorite things for years! I can’t even remember why I purchased it probably a decade ago, but I now have a four-year old who loves the heck out of these little shapes. They still hold up just fine and pack so efficiently!

Crayola 64 Ct Crayons
There are obviously at least 3,000 ways to buy Crayola crayons, and from what I can tell, none are that cool plastic holder we had as kids. I always appreciated a new set of 64 crayons, trying to carefully pry open that box without tearing it in any way. I can’t recall but I bet 64 crayons were about $3 back then, and thanks to Amazon they are that cheap now! I’d recommend picking up a few for the kids on your list. (Or adults – with a new adult coloring book!)

Melissa & Doug Drawing Pad
A brand new drawing pad is always welcome! It’s fresh and ready for (in our case) a whole lot of robots. I also appreciate the Strathmore sketch pads that you can sometimes get on sale at Michaels.

Coleman Compass with LED Light
This is actually on this year’s wish list! I love that this compass is lighted — what a great stocking stuffer!

We wish you a lovely holiday season and thank you for visiting. Good luck finding festive gifts for those few on your list that made be a little hard to shop for… and let me know if you’ve found that endless roll of double-stick tape.

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Perfectly Practical Preschool Presents

(and a belt change dispenser)

Nine easy gift ideas for preschoolers. A fun list of practical preschool presents that parents and kids will like!

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