Preschool Learning with Play Food and Kitchen Toys!

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My husband and I have been together since we were teenagers, but independently we sure loved cooking shows and learning about food! Our son has acquired this himself as well, or at least he makes it seem that way! The “PBS Kid” keeps it going in the evening as we watch legends like Jacques Pepin and Julia Child, Sara Moulton, Ming Tsai, and America’s Test Kitchen, of course. Our latest example of preschool learning with play food is actually in regard to what we use to make food: Cooking Tools! I recently shared some Printable Kitchen Tools Vocabulary Cards on that we have not used in our school yet, but will be soon! Click the link above or the image below to download and print some activities for your kid!

Visit Totschooling for free kitchen tools vocabulary cards!

A year ago I also shared a free bread cutting printable pack for Totschooling that we used in our own week of bread preschool trays! That bread cutting set is still one of my favorites today.

My most popular original pin is my simple idea for DIY Play Food Recipe Cards! The idea here is to first collect food you already have. Then, go to the computer and find clipart to roughly match the food items. Finally, pick your favorite program (mine is Publisher), make up a “recipe”, then place the pictures of the food to make the meal! I did this when E was pretty young so I opted to just use pictures, but you could add quantity and other factors as well.

DIY Recipe Cards for Play Food!

We are often asked why E eats such a varied diet, and I have to wonder if our DIY Preschool Healthy Foods Charts are a contributing factor. Like the recipe cards above, these were simple to make thanks to free food clipart.

The main thing about my blog is my usually-weekly posts summarizing that theme’s week of school. So of course we had a week of healthy foods tot school! That week we played with his sushi set, checking how much different foods weigh with his bucket balance scale, and made play dough kabobs (a lovely idea from No Time for Flash Cards!)

Preschool learning with healthy foods! See our related themes and other fun ideas!

Speaking of themes, I have asked the boy a few times what he would like for a theme. My favorite answer of his, and I was certainly up to the challenge, was a week of Onions Preschool Trays! I actually called this “O for Onions” so I had a bit more to work with, but it was a neat theme! I also made produce “discovery bags” so we could have a hands-free but closer look at onions.

Finally, this seems like a good place to link up to the only recipe I have ever posted on my blog! And we surely still make these preschool cookie dough protein balls at least once per month! They work great with the new Trader Joe’s hemp protein powder and are a pleasant (and quick!) breakfast.

Here are a few other food-related posts you will find around here:

This is a great space to share some other ideas by other friends:

It’s fun to promote preschool learning with play food and I hope you found some new ideas while you were here. Don’t forget to visit Totschooling for the kitchen tools cards!

Happy learning, and happy cooking! (Shoutout to Jacques Pepin!)

Here are some simple ideas for learning in preschool with play food!

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