+ Teething Remedies and Healing Toddler Cavities

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Teeth. A problem for me and we can already see, a problem for our son. But we have been proactive and have found some solutions. While we are NOT doctors and beg you to do your own research and speak with professionals, we want to share what has worked for us!

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One thing about E is that he got his teeth quickly. Too quick actually! But the poor boy was pushing molars so young and had a hard time with it. Of all the solutions we tried, the best BY FAR was the Amber necklaces from Hazelaid! We started with a bracelet that he wore on his ankle, and quickly moved up to the full necklace. The main difference we noticed was the drool – or lack thereof!

Without the necklace, he drooled like a dog. With the necklace, he didn’t. Therefore his little chin didn’t get chapped and we didn’t have to chase him with a towel all day! That alone is enough proof for us! But we are sure it also helped lessen his pain.

One day, actually on tooth #19, we thought we lost his necklace. We were sure we dropped it out in the lawn on day that the lawn was mowed, of course! So as Hazelaid is based in Canada, I took advantage of their necklaces that they conveniently ship with Amazon prime and had a new one at the house that Saturday. (We did end up finding that original necklace!)

I must add that at night, we wrapped the necklace around his ankle and put a sock on top.

Fast forward to now and E has some trouble with excema. About 6 months ago we tried another Hazelaid product, their Hazelwood bracelets! We put this on his ankle and when we do, we see an improvement on his itchy and red symptoms.

I recommend you try Hazelaid for ailments you or family members may be experiencing! Thank you for entering my discount code, smarteparte10, then you will get 10% off your order!

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Healing Cavities

Healing cavities? It can be done… and we know because we did it. 🙂 I don’t want to detail the bad part but basically, E had some cavities when he was very little. After getting those taken care of ‘traditionally’, we saw spots in teeth that could easily turn into the same thing. So, we became proactive!

As this is how I put together our plan, I am just going to list what we did. What worked? Well we can’t know for sure, though we are sure the Pascalite Clay helped a lot. Yet, we feel we have put together a good program, and best of all, we have a 3 year old who is very aware of his teeth and how to take care of them.

Here is our cavity healing/prevention program:

About 9 months after our first dental visit we took him to another dentist with holistic principles but who also practices traditional dentistry. What a 180! He praised what we had done, confirming that while he had visible holes in a couple teeth – they were NOT cavities. They were hard and strong! Since that initial appointment with 6 cavities, he has had just one tiny one since.

(And not to get on a soapbox, while dentist 1 insisted I stop nursing and E wasn’t even 1, we were able to keep going until he was almost 3 and NOT have a bunch of teeth problems. But to co-sleepers and other nursers – stay aware and take care of those teeth – help not make nursing get a bad name!)

I’ve read so much about other parents who were horrified at their futures at the dentist. I hope this helps at least one other parent take a deep breath and realize they may be able to help!

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