Two Indoor Experiments for a Water Preschool Theme!

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I will get the full post of our water preschool theme up in the next few days. But in the meantime, I wanted to highlight two easy indoor experiments we have done this week! We did a theme of Snow, Ice and Water school during our bitter winter and I like the idea of activities that are fine inside!

Here are two (of the several!) experiments we did during water-themed preschool!

Sink or Float plus Grow Water Beads - two easy experiments for water preschool theme!

Sink or Float Cut & Paste

We love Sink or Float activities! For a little change, I decided to add a “cut and paste” element that required a little planning (less if you own a color printer)!

I identified 30 different items to test, mostly from my craft supplies, such as wooden objects, a bell, and a pom pom. I put each of these items inside a section of the Lakeshore Learning Patterning Math Tray, but you could also lay them out on a cutting board, counter, or any surface really. The key is take a picture of all the objects with enough space for the child to cut out the individual pieces.

Then, I created a simple page in Word with a trapezoid shape, “water” (literally a trapezoid shape filled with one of Word’s generic water backgrounds), and the words Sink or Float? I printed both of these in color and that was all I needed for that part of the activity.

Then for setup, I gave him the “tub” page, page of printed items, the actual items, scissors and glue stick, and of course, a tub and pitcher. From there, Dad and E explored what sinks and what floats, recording this by gluing the cut pieces to the tub page. You’ll see they remedied the fact that my tub wasn’t large enough by drawing more “water” on the sides!

Grow Water Beads

This activity is simple, and lets the child help with the setup of water beads. (I actually set many more aside with water, but liked that E could be involved in this process!)

The setup is simple — we used the graduated cylinder (filled with water), one test tube, and funnel from the Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set. In a small metal cup I added a few blue and clear water beads. I explained to E what they were, as he is well aware of water beads, but didn’t know how small they are at first. He poured the beads into the empty test tube first, followed by some water via the funnel. We did this after dinner so I told him we would check it before bed, and he and Dad would check it in the morning. I said they would likely be full-size by the time I get home from work the next day. Perhaps it is the weather, but they seem to be growing fast!

Thanks for reading about these two quick preschool experiments for water-themed preschool! See our whole week of Water Preschool Trays!

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